Baby Number Three Wish List

This third pregnancy has me yearning for a few new things, despite the fact that everyone keeps telling me, "You probably don't need anything..."

Welp... I do.

I mean, I'd be fine to use 97% of the things I had with the other two, but let's face it... kids do not play nice, and some things, that started out as hand me downs, are beat to Hell at this point.

So my two top picks if money were no object, would be these:

Our current double stroller was a hand me down, free, and headed for the trash when I said I wanted it.

I think a new, folds up small umbrella stroller will be just what we need next summer when the new babe is big enough to ride with his/her big sister, and Boyfriend is old enough to walk with us wherever we need to go.

And that pack and play??

Siiggghhh... I love that pack and play.

I never had one of my own, instead, ours was handed down from Husband's Uncle, and was ten years old when we got it.

I know.

And this one has storage built into it, which I will need after having 3 c-sections and two other little ones running around.

It does everything I need it to... will grow with the baby, and the price ain't have bad ($149).

What else am I wishing for?? I'm so glad you asked.

Since I never had a winter baby before, I need one of those Bundle Me jobbers... I love this one, and think it'd be perfect for boy or girl. (**Update: an old friend and regular reader of my blog sent us one of these as soon as this post went live! Thank you!!)

Both kids loved their Swaddle Me's, but of course they were born in the summer, so we don't own any small fleece ones... so we will need to buy a few new ones of these.

That's pretty much where my list stops for now, like I said... having a winter baby is new to us, so we are open to suggestions of things we might need to get us through flu season... and we have nine bajillion other things ready to go from the older kids.

Now to search for some new faaancy maternity clothes.... the question is, do they exist?


  1. Holy fuck! Where have I been?! Jeez, you're pregnant? Congratulations! How far along are ya?

    1. http://ourtinyplace.blogspot.com/2013/08/monday-morning-video.html

      Yup!!! Due in January! So good to hear from you!

  2. I noticed you mentioned the word "he" when riding in a stroller with sister. Typo?? =)

    1. Wow! Great catch and yes, just a slip... Team Green for life! ((Although, I have to admit, I am very surprised at my slip... maybe I know something subconsciously!?? ))


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