This exchange happened this morning in our kitchen....

Me: Girlfriend... you want some cheese??

Her: Yes... (reaches out hand for slice of chez)

Me: Good girl, eat it up, fill your belly.

Her: (tilts her head to the side, sizing me up quizzically) What?

Me: Fill your belly.

Her: (lifts shirt, slaps cheese on her belly button) Get in it. Get in it chez.

Me: (mentally folding up every single second of this cheese on the stomach encounter to keep in my pocket for seventy five years) Aww... no Doll.. you gotta eat it with your mouth, to fill your belly.

Her:(now yelling at her belly) Eat it Belly! Fill it! Get in it!

Me: (smiling... pulls out a chair, sits down, and gets comfortable... this could take a while)

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