Routine & Rocks

If you have been reading for awhile you know that I am a big stickler for keeping the Bugs on a routine.

Every day is the same... wake up, eat, out of the house or doing a project by 9:15 / 9:30.

Home by 12, lunch, nap at 1... up between 3 and 3:30, out the door or doing another project by 4:15... dinner at 6, TV, bath, bed.

It never changes... we function best when we are on a schedule, busy, and seeing new things.

Sure... I'd LOVE to have a full day of movies and laying around, and sometimes when it pours, we can get away with a morning or afternoon like that....

But the kids cant handle being inside for too long before they start to get fussy, fight, and tear shit off the walls.

No, really.

So last week, while my car was being fixed, I had to come up with a different idea every day for how to entertain them at home.

Of course, we have our swing set, and our sandbox, but they were itching for something new.

We had already played with play dough, done the sprinkler 50 times, played with our bucket of bubbles on the deck....

You name it we did it.

So I decided we would go on a rock hunt...

Yes, a rock hunt....

We got our boots and our buckets and hit the back yard in search of all different sizes of rocks...

True to their nature, the kids searched in different ways, for different things.

Girlfriend ran like a spaz, put every rock into her mouth and yelled, "COOKIE!!"

Boyfriend walked slower and looked more carefully for the biggest rocks he could find.

After we were done hunting and eating rocks, I broke out the paint.

Ahh yes, I had a plan past hunting... and it was painting.

Rock painting is hardly original, but entertaining all the same.

Who doesn't love to make a good mess, ya know??

I just laid down a drop cloth on the deck, put some paint on a plastic plate, handed out some brushes and sat back to relax and watched my little animals at work.

 Boyfriend took his rock painting very seriously, and didn't stray from the task at hand once.

And Girlfriend on the other hand.... well, it's no secret that she is a maniac.

When she was finally done painting herself, we headed straight for the sprinkler.... which killed another half hour and put us at lunch and nap time.

A perfectly free and wonderful morning full of chaos, messes, laughter, and of course, the occasional head butt and tears.

Don't knock the rock painting folks.... it gets the job done and keeps the kids (and Mom!) happy!!

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  1. How creative!! Just shows there is always soemthing to do with the kids

    WTPP - The little lady with a baby!


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