Potty Trained.

I can't even believe it, but my little Girlfriend has been completely potty trained for nearly three weeks.

I am so proud.

Especially because, she did it all on her own.

All I did was not get her dressed for three days when I had no car and was stuck at home anyway.

And she did the rest.

Eventually we ventured out to a park, and I brought the potty (I was that Mom) and harped on her endlessly to use it.... and she just kept running right past me.

She wanted nothing to do with pottying at the park.

To my surprise... she could hold it.

You see, now that I've potty trained both a boy (in five days) and a girl (in one day), I can tell you that it's true... not only do girls catch on faster... but they can.... HOLD IT.

While boys just piddle all day long in the beginning until they get tired of peeing on themselves... girls actually just hold it and go about their day.

Since I know someone will ask, Girlfriend was potty trained at 22 months, and Boyfriend at 25 months.... both were trained in June.

I tried unsuccessfully to potty train both kids in April (Boyfriend in 2011, and Girlfriend in 2013) and failed in large part, I believe, because it wasn't warm enough... and who wants to be running around with no pants on in the cold???

Potty training in the summer is the ONLY way for us.... the hotter, the sunnier, the more time outdoors... the better!!

Girlfriend is so proud of herself and loves to clap for all of us when we use the bathroom... potty training equals having your own built in cheerleader.

Speaking of cheerleading... she has been waking up DRY from nap and bed, so you better believe I am jumping up and down and screaming for her at the crack of dawn every day.

The end of buying diapers?? YES PLEASE!!

Sigh..... this just puts us one step closer to her not being a baby at all anymore.

Next up... getting rid of her crib.... when she's nineteen.


  1. Mine were the opposite. The boy was DONE by 2 1/2 but the girl started at 18 mos since she wanted to do everything he did. She wasn't ready. I swear she had accidents until she was 5. he never even wet his bed. Congrats!! Time for another?

  2. woohoo! i'm so proud of her (and you!)

    PS- she looks wicked cute in that blue nautica jumper in the last picture :)

  3. Aww congrats! I have to ask, when is girlfriends birthday? I only just realized my daughter is also about 22 months right now. I don't have it in me to start potty training yet. We're not home enough to play the naked game.

    1. She was born 8/16/11 .... I think I remember that our girls are close in age too!

  4. Man - my daughter just turned 21 months yesterday. I can either push it next month (being 9 months pregnant) or try for a winter potty training session. What do you think?

    1. I think you should do it now!! I trained Boyfriend 4 weeks before Girlfriend was born because we absolutely could not fathom the thought of two in diapers. Girls are SO MUCH EASIER!! Just take her clothes off outside and as soon as she starts peeing on herself she will make a run for the potty!! ((I really recommend the Baby Bjorn potty, it has a big huge open hole so there's no chance of pee going all over the place. They sell it at Target.))

  5. Wow, both trained pretty young! Go you! I trained my kids early as well. Looking to start my 22 month old girl soon.

  6. Seriously, props to you Mama! (And go Girlfriend, too!) That is incredible that she's not even 2 years old and she is potty trained.


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