One Day

Today we went to Story Time at a new Library.

The whole story isn't really important but basically, libraries that do Story Time in the Children's Section work best for our family.

This means that while the Librarian is reading books, if a few kids aren't really interested, there are toys and books nearby that they can play with quietly while the rest of the class listens to a story and sings.

This works wonderful for the kids and I, because they are at such different levels, sometimes what interests Boyfriend doesn't interest Girlfriend, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, this new Library that I had heard so many great things about, did not run story time in the Children's Section, but in a classroom.

I'll skip to the dramatic parts, cause I know you're busy.

Girlfriend was all into the stories, and Boyfriend sat on my lap complaining.

It was a nightmare.

I am not giving you enough details to understand why, but just trust me... it was an embarrassing nightmare.

Boyfriend was acting like a rude, fresh 4 year old... and Girlfriend was acting like a peach.

We didn't make it the full hour (which is too long anyway if you ask me)... instead I had to sneak out a back Exit because I had Girlfriend in my arms and Boyfriend dragging me down to the ground.

Like any good pain in the butt child... when I said it was time to go, he wanted to stay.

There was a temper tantrum in the parking lot... and in the car.

There was screaming of how much he doesn't "Yike," his car seat, the road, the car, the building, the weather, the grass, the sky.... I stopped listening after awhile.

He has never really thrown tantrums in the past... and the two's weren't really so terrible for us.

But four... four is proving to be a challenge.

We were back home after a very dramatic and high stress Story Time by 10:45 in the morning.

Before even getting out of the car, I broke the news to Boyfriend that I thought he should lay down for awhile for quiet time in his room.

I explained that we all needed a break from each other for a little while, shockingly, he agreed.

I gave Girlfriend a bowl of popcorn and turned on Elmo before running Boyfriend upstairs for bed.

I was gone 2 minutes.

Which apparently, is all the time Girlfriend needs to cause trouble.

It took her 120 seconds to walk into the kitchen, push a little chair over to the counter, and grab a stick of butter.

Which she then rubbed from the top of her head, to the soles of her shoes.... after she was good and covered, she moved on to covering the floor.

Of course, I don't walk into the kitchen looking for butter, I just walk in like a normal person....

A normal person who instantly busts her ass .... because  tile plus butter equals slippery as Hell.

One day I will laugh at this... at the shenanigans that my children put me through, and at all the things that they did, just as they were supposed to at their age.

One day I will miss of all the nonsense, and I am sure I will even miss being exhausted from the constant chaos that is life with a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old.

But today.... today is not that day.

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  1. What is it with 4-year-olds? Everyone warns you about the "terrible twos" but the cranky, bossy, stubborn fours comes as a surprise! You're right though. One day you'll look back and even miss these days. Maybe when you're kids are in college. lol


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