I Salute You

Husband's work schedule and travel goes in waves.

When he is gone for awhile, I have zero time to myself.... none.

Which means, blogging is on the bottom, bottom, bottom of the priority list.


It's also hard as Hell to parent a four year old and almost two year old ALONE.... for days.. WEEKS... on end.

At least, the type of parenting that I deem acceptable, is hard to do.

I am sure I could feed them junk and sit them in front of the TV all day...  but it's just not my way.

Sidenote: If plopping your kids in front of the TV with a carton of ice cream IS your way... I am not knocking you... women should stick together andplusalso... WHATEVER WORKS RIGHT??

But I myself... am all about keeping them busy.

Which means... I AM FREAKING EXHAUSTED when I do the single parenting thing for days on end.

I pretty much just collapse face first like a star fish into bed at night.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen a lot of what keeps us busy around here... if you don't here's a peak of what summer has been like for us:

See, told ya we are busy.

All that to say... I want to give a big shout out to the Stay At Home military parents out there, that do it alone for months on end.

And to other Stay At Home Mom's like me... whose spouse is traveling A LOT....

Actually, let me just give props to every single Mom ( and Dad) out there that is busting their ass for their kids without the much needed break that you deserve.

If you stay home.. then I salute you fellow crazy people who get no sleep, and make no money.

And if you work... I salute you too... even though I am jealous that you get a paycheck, because it has been a loooooong time since I've seen one of those.

Anyway, I am saluting you all and think you're all great...

If your toddler yelled at you today, or your three month old screamed in your face for no reason.... or your seven month old shit in your hand.... or your twenty two year old didn't call you back when they were supposed to, and they drank all your good wine, and left your car on Empty...

Then consider this a virtual hug just for you. Squueeeeeze.

You done good kid, and if no one else in the world tells you that other than me today... then let that be enough... because I got you, and I know... this shit is hard.

It's not an easy job, but at least for me... and I hope for you... every day is worth it.

Exhausting, hard, sometimes infuriating, sometimes wonderful.... but always, always, always worth it.

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  1. Thank you, mama, from a fellow stay at home mama, where you often get no positive reinforcement but have to have confidence and blind faith anyway. No mattet how dog tired and crazy person frustrated you may be, you press on. You are an amazing mama!


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