Brain Dump

I just have no time to love my blog in the summer...

Plus, who wants to with  all the sun, sand, sprinkler, snacks going on... ya know??

By the time I finally sit down my brain is so full of things to say, and pictures to post, that I just don't even nowhere to begin.

So in no particular order, here's what I got goin' on up here.... it's riveting, groundbreaking stuff, I promise.

Orr.... none of it is actually exciting at all, and is too short to write a whole post about so instead, I give you a long post about nothing.

Sorry I'm not sorry.

Sprinklers: We have five. No seriously... a whole hand's worth. They are all different, and good in their own way, but this giant beach ball one is awesome and it's my favorite.

The spray is not too harsh so the kids don't mind going in it and neither do I (when did hose water get so cold????).

They can also get close to it without getting a face full of water... Girlfriend kinda likes to run in and run away, and a lot of the other ones are so full blown water to your dome that she can't even get close to them without getting soaked.

Aside from the fact that I was thiiiis close to passing out when I blew it up, outside, in a heat wave...

I am a big fan, plus it only cost $13 at Wal-Mart.... if you're in the market, this one should be a contender.

Pet Stores: Um. We love them. They are air conditioned, and there is so much to look at.


My Girlfriend... aka... Dr. DooLittle would totally sleep there if I let her, I think she thinks it's actually Disney World, she loves it that much.

Boyfriend is definitley a pet store fan too... but not in the same "falling out of the cart to see parakeets" kind of way.

Such a great way to waste the day and see smiling happy faces, the trick is DO NOT BUY ANY PETS.

Couch Cleaning: My sister sent me this list of cleaning hacks last week, and I forwarded it to Husband who has suddenly become OBSESSED with couch and carpet stains (I think he's turning into his Mother, Hi Ann!).

We were particularly interested in the one that gets stains out of microfiber couches.

Rubbing alcohol?? Really??

Husband googled around and found out that your couch has to have a certain letter on the tag for this to work... and ours did.

Guys... it works AWESOME.

And then you thought... insert random picture of your clean couch then Lady... and I thought, well I've only got this one... but it's clean!!

If you are actually interested in this whole process, I will totally blog about it... but for now, I'll just let you google it yourself... it works great on every stain except water stains, which need to be wiped with a baby wipe and then blow dried.

Why do I know these things???

Ice: We are big on ice games right now...

Last summer I froze toys and let Boyfriend smash the ice with a meat mallet to "save," them.

"Frozen guys," as Boyfriend calls it, is still a favorite around here, and we do it about once a week or so these days.

Yesterday I decided to change this up a bit and dumped our entire ice bin into the kid's kiddy pool... have I mentioned it's hot here??

Next I gave them gave each a spoon, and a Tupperware bin.

Except I told them that the spoon was an ambulance, and the tupperware was their hospital.

The ice was Army guys.

This all seemed like a good idea to me when I spit it out quickly without giving it any thought whatsoever.

I was like... "Woooah lookatme thinking on my feet! My brain still works!"

And then Boyfriend was like...

"Hey Mom... what happened to the Army guys?? Why do they need to go to the Hospital??"

And my brain brakes instantly froze...

Duh woman... who the eff tells kids that Army guys need to go to the Hospital??

Ya just never know what kids will take literally, right??

Can't an old lady just make up a story any more??
All was right in the world when I explained that the Army guys were tired from taking care of our country for so long... and needed a rest in a nice bed.

Boyfriend seemed satisfied and happy to hear that Army guys need naps after a hard day's work, and went about his ice removal no problem.

I am surprised and pleased to say that he has asked to play this game every day since... happy is the Mom with easy to please kids.

Brain Dump over.


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