Lovebug's Birthday Bash, Part 2

When we left off last, I was trying to force feed the Power Ranger into the faces of 8 kids, 5 and under.

Actually... I only had to force 6 kids, cause my two are already obsessed with the Samurais (for real... it's frightening).

My plan for the party was to tell the kids they were going to a Samurai Power Ranger Training Camp...

They would complete three games, and then win their medals at the end.

Nice idea, right?

Except when you're dealing with kids ages 1-5... no one really listens, or wants to take part in organized games.

There was a lot of chaos and a lot of deep breaths on my end...

Eventually I just gave the kids every last water balloon that we had so painstakingly filled earlier (all 50 of them!), turned on the sprinkler and said eff it... have a ball.

I will do the same thing the next time I host a party for a 4 year old too... organized games, as it turns out, are for 5 year olds.

It wasn't the end of the world because the sprinkler saved the day... and I knew that before the kids left they would have their minds BLOWN.


The real one!

Okay, not the real one...  But the one that I found after searching and searching and SEARCHING FOREVER for a company that does costume character visits in Connecticut...

And he was close enough to the real one!

I never had a character come to any of my birthday parties growing up, and I had pretty much ruled it out as too expensive for us to do for the Bugs.

But then I found Spark Of The Party, and not only were the prices in our price range, but they also agreed to do just a quick 15 minute, in and out visit, at Boyfriend's party.

That wasn't an option on their website, but they were happy to oblige when I emailed and asked anyway.

You see... being that the party was full of young guns who couldn't be trusted to act like normal human beings, I wanted to keep the visit short, exciting, and sweet.

It would have really killed the mood if all 8 kids burst into tears when the Blue Power Ranger rolled up, ya know??

But they didn't cry! No one did! It went amazing!!!

Before the Ranger made his appearance for the kids,  I gave him a costume to give to Boyfriend from "Jayden, the Red Power Ranger", who is Boyfriend's favorite.

There was so much going on that Boyfriend didn't even realize that I had quietly gone into the house to get the costume and go over last minute details with Mr. Blue Ranger himself.


I also gave him a basket full of the bubble swords that I had made for each of the kids. 

We had just finished cake and all of the kids were getting restless and trying to go in 19 directions, when we heard the Power Ranger's theme song blasting from off the deck.

Boyfriend's face was priceless... I wish I had a picture... but my eyes were glued to the side of our deck just waiting for the Power Ranger's grand entrance.

As was the entire party.

Seriously... I thought I was getting the Power Ranger for the kids, but all of the parents were super into it too.

Anyway... up the deck stairs came the Power Ranger with his theme song blaring (that was such a good touch... Boyfriend has talked about it 100 times since it happened).

Then he walked right up to my Boyfriend, gave him his costume from "Jayden," and asked for a big hug.

Boyfriend about died on the spot. 

The Power Ranger was AWESOME... he hugged and shook hands with any kid that was bold enough to approach him (remember some had no idea what a Power Ranger was an hour earlier).

He even picked up two bubble swords, one for him and one for Boyfriend, and started JOUSTING with him.

Boyfriend won.. another nice touch on the Power Ranger's part.

The whole shebang took about 10 minutes from start to finish, he gave out all the bubbles, posed for pictures with anyone who asked, and totally hammed it up for Boyfriend.

I turned around to survey the crowd at one point and literally every parent was grinning and laughing.

The excitement from the kids was totally infectious and the whole party was caught up in it.

It was awesome and such a fun thing to do... plus, not for nothing, but it was totally the gift that keeps on giving.

Boyfriend has told no less 100 people (okay maybe a few less) about how the Blue Power Ranger came to his party, and we have talked about it every day since.

It is also worth noting that I do believe this is the first time in his life that Lovebug has ever felt true gratitude. 

He isn't sure how we made it happen, but he knows Husband and I are the reason that the Blue Power Ranger made an appearance on his big day.

And he has repeatedly thanked us and told us what a lucky ("yucky") boy he is.

As if that didn't make the whole thing worth it for me... someone else was equally as excited and grateful for the Blue Guy's appearance: Husband. 

His reaction was a huge shock (to both of us) because Husband was the one who originally told me no,"it's too much money, and silly... don't waste your time searching."

Let's just say Husband has eaten every one of those words since the Blue Ranger showed up here because there is nothing that Husband likes more than seeing Boyfriend happy.

And that kid... was OVER THE MOOON... seriously... Spark of the Party and the Blue Power Ranger made our little man's birthday this year.

We are so grateful!!

Especially because it was 100 degrees out ... Lord knows that Blue Guy musta been sweating his ass off... 

But this little man is young enough not to care, and wore his "uniform" with pride for the rest of the day weekend.

Now if only the Power Ranger made free repeat house calls every once in awhile, we'd be all good.


  1. Aww I love how happy everyone was about blue ranger. I love happy birthday stories. It sounds like his party was definitely a success. Now seems like a good time to do a little brainstorming for a 'Dora the Explorer' party we have coming up.

  2. You actually did a really great job! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun! Especially with the Blue Ranger. Really won the hearts of everyone.


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