A Trick Worth Remembering

So... last week when my car broke down, Husband had to fly to Chicago for the week for work.

Of course he did.

So the Bugs and I used his teeny sporty little perfectly clean Acura while he was gone.

There was only one rule.

No red juice or food allowed in Husband's car.

Listen... I have always been one of those people who kinda hears the rules but doesn't really pay attention to them for shit... you know the type??

So, I'm just gonna say I have no idea how this happened... I don't really remember giving Girlfriend red juice in the car, but somehow, she got it... and spilled it.

FML people. FML.

We I broke the only rule.

This happened the day he left, Monday.

I avoided looking at it until Thursday, (the day before he came home) when I finally had to bite the bullet and handle the now set in stain.

First I grabbed my trusty Kirby carpet cleaner, because it's my fav and it has never let me down... and then it let me down and did absolutely nothing.

Then I googled around and found a tutorial made especially for red juice on car carpets, and I said a prayer, and went for it.

Guys... it worked.

This is a trick worth knowing and remembering.

What I used: Blue Dawn, (the original kind, that once took spray paint off my porch!), a white rag, and an iron.

For the record, you know I was in deep shit when I actually pulled out the iron.

A few things about me and the iron.

I didn't even know where it lived in my house.

I didn't know how to work it, and I haven't used one since I was 19 years old and Husband (then Boyfriend) watched me literally light one of my shirts on fire.

True Story.

Anyway... back to the iron.

The funny thing is Husband didn't ask me why I wanted to know how to use the iron.


He should have known something was up.

Anyway, the directions said to put 5 drops of Dawn into two cups of water.

I didn't do that (remember, I ignore the rules, right?).

I took a small cereal bowl, gave the Dawn a good hard squeeze, and then filled the bowl 3/4 of the way up with warm water.

The directions said to dip the white rag into the water and dawn mixture so that the rag was wet, but not sopping.

I actually followed that rule.

Next the directions said to put the iron on low (this is the part where I called Husband and asked how to do that), and leave it on the stain for 15 minutes.

Being that the last time I touched the iron it acted less than neighborly, I followed this rule as well... with caution.

I was very scared.

But it worked. Sloooowly.

You can see the red lifted onto the white rag here.... but it was a super duper slow process.

So I got a little more ballsy (translation: broke the rules again), and cranked the heat a little more, and let it sit for no more than a minute before removing the iron.

This worked faster and better... but you have to be there to watch it.

And in no time at all, the stain was going, going....


After I took this picture I went back and did a little more ironing and the Dawn got out even more of the juice, this trick is no joke and works like a freaking charm.

I was shocked because I don't actually have good luck with things like this...  plus I was totally anticipating Husband putting me on the curb with a For Sale sign around my neck when he found the red stains.

Lucky for all of us... I get to stay, and the red stains are gone!!!

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  1. lololol again, totally me. I never read directions. I don't need directions, I am smart, I'll just figure it out and guess. I also don't iron, but who does? I also ignore rules that Dan sets. Otherwise I try to follow :) normally I know best though....


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