We've Got A Pusher...

In my experience, brothers push their sisters to do ridiculous things... and not the other way around.

I always assumed that Boyfriend would be bribing Girlfriend with cookies, as he pushed her off the tree house to see if she could fly, kinda thing (hypothetically speaking).

But in our house, as it turns out... it's actually the other way around.

My Boyfriend is much more timid than my Girlfriend when it comes to DANGER.

He is like me... he would rather sit back, weigh his options, and have someone else go first while he fret over just how dangerous that wobbly bridge at the playground really is.

Who installed it?

How much wobble is too much wobble??

Are there invisible alligators under there??

So when Boyfriend started avoiding the rock wall that all playgrounds have, I didn't think much of it.

It's just not his thing.... he would rather play baseball, basketball, or punch someone in the stomach.

Until one day when Girlfriend pushed him out of the way and scaled that wall in two seconds flat.

Got to the top and screamed down at her brother to do it too.

Oh the pressure.

And here's the kicker... she doesn't even do it right.

She's not like grabbing from side to side and getting up there in a calm manner...

No, she is just beasting her way up there with strength and craziness as her guide.

When Husband saw that he was like... Oh Hell No... Boyfriend needs to learn how to climb the damn wall... he can't have his sister pushing him to do things that he should already be doing.

And even though that is totally sexist thinking, Husband is a Man after all, and in his book, brother should be doing something before sister... plain and simple.

But Girlfriend is the clear and obvious "Pusher," around here... getting to the top of the rock wall and tapping her feet like... "Can't nobody take my pride... can't nobody hold me down... oh no... I got to keep on rock climbing!"

As far as I'm concerned, having a "Pusher," in the family is a good thing... cause it is definitely my fault that Boyfriend is so cautious.

So she's not only pushing him outside his comfort zone, she's pushing Husband and I too.

Which we both need because, hello, we have no idea what we are doing some days (real talk).

As long as she stops pushing us all out of our comfort zones before she becomes a teenager, I think we'll be in good shape.

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