Easy and Delicious Butter Cream Frosting

This recipe is artery clogging, button popping, finger licking good.

It also has no cleaning products in it (if you have no clue what I am talking about, read this).

My friend Jordo gave me this recipe, it originally came from her Mom, Lynn...

So I call this frosting:

Lynn's Likely To Give You Diabetes Buttercream Frosting

How's that for really selling it?

This stuff is seriously yummy, has only three ingredients, and is so easy to make that even I couldn't mess it up.

And, because I believe in second chances, I let my little gremlin daughter help me make this batch.

So here we go... the ingredients:

Number 1: Butter.

You can't have artery clogging frosting without some butter folks... so let's go ahead and use 3 sticks of unsalted butter, at room temperature.

Go ahead and toss those in your mixer (or use a hand mixer) and beat the hell out of 'em for 2 full minutes.

Because I am notorious for ignoring recipes and being mad when I fuck them up, I followed this one perfectly, and actually set the timer for 2 minutes while my Kitchen Aid mixer did all the beating work for me.

When the timer went off, the beaten butter looked like this:

 Of course Girlfriend wanted to try it...

I'm like... "What's it taste like?"

And she's like... "Butter."

You don't say?

Number 2: 1 lb (16 oz) of Confectioners' Sugar

After the butter is nice and whipped and frothy, add in the sugar a little at a time, slowly until it's blended and soft.

When all the sugar has been added to the butter it should look like this:

Minus the chubby baby hand, of course.

Number 3: Vanilla Extract

See how that little box says "PURE" Vanilla Extract??

Well, that basically means that it's organic, which means adding it to this recipe is pretty much like going to the gym.

So don't worry... you're good.

It actually doesn't matter if it's Pure or Imitation Vanilla Extract.... just add a half teaspoon to the butter / sugar combo and beat until it's mixed.

When it was all done we added some yellow food coloring to make the deliciousness look beautiful...

 It also got all over my fingers and made me look jaundice for three days...

And there you have it!

Delicious, frothy, gut busting, button popping, artery clogging, mouth watering, amazing, easy, delicious, butter cream frosting.

Just be sure not to add any cleaning products!!

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  1. Mmm.. I could go for a spoonful of frosting right about now.

  2. I will have to try that next time a make a cake/cupcakes. Sounds easy and yummy!

    I have the same mixer. Somehow using a pink mixer just makes baking more fun :D.

  3. Try adding a 16 oz jar of fluff next time and see what happens!


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