Yard Update

Last summer we tore out a whole garden of overgrown bushes (haha... overgrown bushes)... and I pretty much left you all hanging as to what we did next.

Remember this?

We were going for the less is more thing, obviously.

Actually... we wanted to started with a clean slate before adding some transplanted bushes, perennials, and a new tree, which we did last summer.

Remember, when we pulled all that shit out??

And everyone cried for the rhododendron bushes that I threw behind our shed??

After living with it a little more nakey for awhile, we decided to extend that far left end even bigger to give it a little more oomph... ain't nobody ever complain about too much oomph... na' I mean?

Being that it's Spring time, nothing is in bloom yet, but I thought for the sake of having a reference, it'd be cool to get a shot of what everything looked like at the beginning of the season in 2013.

Hopefully if I put my little gardeners to work enough over the next few weeks... we will have a beautiful, and colorful spread before August, just in time for Girlfriend's 2nd Birthday Party (accck!).

Fingers crossed that I don't kill it before then with my black thumb.

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