True Story Thursday

This is an oldie but goodie... it occured to me that I had never blogged this, but we tell this story all the time so... here we go.

I was dropping Lovebug at school one morning, and I was holding Girlfriend in my arms, as I squatted down and asked Boyfriend for a hug goodbye.

Well, Boyfriend is pretty much the opposite of calm and reserved so when I asked for my hug, he threw himself at me, belly flop style... arms and mouth open like... WEEEEE

Okay, so there I am squatting, and holding 26 pounds of baby in one arm, and the other arm is open ready for a hug from a 3 year old.... but not ready for a flying leap into my face.

So...Boyfriend lunges, and knocks me flat on my ass. 

Girlfriend, still in one arm, is now kind of hanging off the side of my body, half on the floor, half on me.

And on top of her, is Lovebug, who is excitedly kicking his feet and laughing, because he is absolutely thrilled that he knocked me over.

Also?? Kicking feet when you're laying on top of someone automatically looks like humping....

I wasn't just laying on the floor with two kids on top of me, one being smooshed, the other humping...

Because I had fallen backwards...

Into an old bi-fold door closet.

Which we broke when we fell... of course we did.

My head was in the closet.

And the doors were bi-folded into themselves.

I was starring at the inside of a closet.... on my back... being humped... while people laughed.

I'll bet some of you are having high school and college flash backs after reading that sentence, aren't cha ya little floozies?

I can assure you that as weird as it sounds, is as weird as it looked.

Especially for me because I was staring up at crayons and scissors and pre-school things while my kids laughed at the impromptu dog pile in public.

We were a site that's for sure... which is probably why there are no pictures, because everyone was too busy laughing to pull out their phones, or even help us up.

Lovebug very often brings up, "The day we broke the closet..."

And it fuels my soul with laughter and weirdness in only a way that my children know how.

Last I checked the closet is still kind of folded in, instead of out... I kinda like that because it's a reminder of the day we busted that thing in with our love.

True story.


  1. Hahaha at least it was busted with love instead of the alternative. The funniest things always happen to you. Or at least you make them seem funnier.

    1. Haha... I am a magnet for ridiculousness!

  2. I love that picture of them. It's pretty much perfect.


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