Is That A...

This is not a real post.

This is actually just a proclamation... a blog post billboard if you will.

Just gonna go ahead and state a fact, so everyone who walks into our house can stop asking...

"Is That A...."

We decided to add white ceramic vases and bowls, into the kitchen to brighten up our olive-y subway tile.

My mother offered to let me have a piece that she once found at an estate sale.

It used to be a lamp, until someone disassembled it and now it's a vase.


That's what my billboard says: IT'S A VASE.

Not, a bong.

Thank you to the five people that have asked about MY VASE in the 48 hours that it has lived in our kitchen...

I'm glad that you all think I would keep smoking paraphernalia on my kitchen counters for the world to see.


The End.

1 comment :

  1. Um, def. a vase. Bong didn't cross my mind. Put a flower in it lol... and some little jazzy jazz stuff around it... and there ya go :)


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