In case you aren't on Instagram yet (what are you waiting for?!), this is a little bit of what's been going on over there lately.

Top Left: Hanging up the kid's school pictures had life screaming in my face: YOU ARE SOMEONE'S MOM. It was like total reality check moment.

Top Right: Girlfriend and I eating breakfast and taking selfies. She has found the rear facing camera (is that what that thing is called?) and she loooves it.

Bottom Left: Thank you Dollar Tree for selling these amazing glasses, and to the Easter Bunny for bringing them into our lives. How can you not love a kid in big glasses??

Bottom Right: I made these cupcakes for Easter with the in-laws. I stole the puffy bunny idea from one of my favorite entertaining blogs, Oh Happy Day. Check it out if you haven't yet... lots of good stuff over there.

Top Left: Boyfriend does it again. What is it with that kid and taking a bite out of every single piece of food he sees? How sweet of him to put them all back with no leaves on for me too... what a doll.

Top Right: Boyfriend squatting below parallel while he hunts for Easter eggs.

Bottom Left: Girlfriend is a natural born mother. She has been showing signs of maternal instinct since she was 15 months old. Not sure about her baby holding technique, but she drags that thing with us everywhere we go, and loves it. Plus she has on adorable purple high tops so it's fine.

Bottom Right: Playing around with ideas for a curtain in the kitchen, this is a front runner right now. Hoping to use this tutorial for a faux roman shade... fingers crossed I don't eff it up.

Top Left: First walk of the season with Girlfriend in the Ergo. It was cooold.

Top Right: Boyfriend at school... frat boyin' it up.

Bottom Left: The Easter Bunny has a good sense of humor and brought the kids fake mustaches... which my mother promptly stuck all over my daughter's face.

Bottom Right: My boys, melting my heart.

Top Left: Boyfriend loves running. He asks to run all the time. Hopefully chasing him will help me get rid of my skin fanny pack before bikini season.

Top Right: Girlfriend is obsessed with shoes. Clearly she doesn't care whose they are.

Bottom Left: Girlfriend's Easter Sunday outfit. The baby gap sweater dress was the perfect weight for the chilly weather. Add in some Target tights, and some purple high tops and Girlfriend had it goin' on. Patent leather shoes and bonnets are just not our style.

Bottom Right: We are very lucky that the kids do this snuggling bit really often, and that they just simply love to be together. It gets me every time though, no matter what. For the love of God, I am only human and can only take so much cuteness before my ovaries spontaneously combust. Just kidding. Not really.

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