Croup, There It Is.

Girlfriend's got croup.

My poor little peach.

And of course in this house, you don't just get croup and we take care of you and you're fine.

No, we have to make a production out of everything... BECAUSE IT'S MORE FUN LIKE THAT.

We hear Girlfriend wheezing, barking like a seal, and just generally hating life last night at 10 pm.

Poor thing could barely eek out a breathe.

We suspected croup and a google search plus call to a friend who knows it all, confirmed our suspicions.

The first thing we needed to do was get out the cool mist humidifier and get Girlfriend's little airways opened up and breathing better.

Except here's the thing..

Lovebug has been playing with the cap to the cool mist humidifier lately (of course he has).

Ya know.. a humidifier cap looks a lot like a Ninja Turtle weapon thingy, and so... we were missing the cap, that of course, is needed to keep the water in to make the bloody thing work.

So then Husband's like... what about the one that blows hot mist?

And of course since I have been googling for five minutes I am now an expert on all things croup and humidifiers.

Which is why Husband was at Wal-Mart, at 11 pm last night, buying a new cool mist humidifier, one that does not have any parts that could possibly resemble a Ninja Turtle weapon (we hope).

While he was gone I sat in the bathroom with Girlfriend, and let the shower run on hot to steam the room and let her have some (very temporary) relief.

I have to be honest, croup is the scariest of all the kid viruses I have dealt with to date... no one wants to see or hear their babe struggling for air.

From the steamy bathroom we went to the front porch, to try to let some cold fresh air at her little lungs...

She was looking at me like what the fuck are we doing out here it is cold and I am sick.

We got her to sleep by midnight and she was up again at 2, into the steam bathroom we went, at 2:15  just as I was putting her back to bed, Boyfriend woke up crying.

Of course he did.

Girlfriend sees Boyfriend crying and now she is crying too.

Of course she is.

Did I mention Husband had to leave at 6 am for a flight?

Why doesn't croup ever strike on a weekend? Why is it only during the week when Husband is getting ready to make a quick trip for work?

Anyway... Husband and I split up, he takes Boyfriend and passes out in the guest room, while I open the windows wide and pump the humidifier directly into Girlfriend's face in our bedroom.

It took a long, long time to get her to sleep, but the window / humidifier to the face combo did the trick.

By 5 am her breathing was steady, and quiet... just when I finally felt she was well enough for me to close my own eyes...  Husband walked into the room to get ready for the airport.

Which ended up being a waste of time anyway, because he ended up needing to get on a later flight after getting stuck in traffic.... because he overslept... because he was exhausted from the croup fiasco the night before.

That's life... and parenting... and kids... and it could be a helluva lot worse that's for sure.

Twelve hours later and Girlfriend is still under the weather... but we have our bag of tricks up our sleeves, and are confident that tonight will be a better night.

Fingers crossed that no humidifier pieces have randomly become Ninja stars throughout the course of the day.

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