What We've Been Up To Wednesday

You may have noticed that Our Tiny Place was a little quiet last week.

Sometimes I don't write because I don't have anything to say, and I don't like to force this shit...

But last week I took a break because as soon as Spring sprungs (it's a thing if I say it is) we are busy like maniac people.

Some of you expressed a little concern like... "Yo... are you alive?"

How sweet of you, for real, to ask me if I'm alive... and to preface it with "Yo..." I'm touched.

So... what has been keeping me far, far away from the keyboard?

I'm so glad you asked....


Chicks, man.

The baby chickadees, and ducks, and hens, and anything that has feathers and a beak and is fluffy... can all be found at Tractor Supply right now.

"Mom. Yet's go wook at the chicks."

I hear it everyday. We've been five times in five days.

It's a quick ten minute visit and the kids love it, so... score.

Ohandplusalso... if anyone out there is thinking about buying my children an animal... EVER... know this: I will cut you.

Speaking of cutting... Husband bought a wet saw and started the kitchen back splash last weekend.

We are on the fence about our tile.

While we loove the subway look, and think the tile itself looks super high quality and gorgeous (it should be for what it cost), we aren't sure about the color...which reads way more brown than it did in the sample.

We are going to live with it for awhile, but are now seriously considering painting the cabinets white (picture me fist pumping because... hello, I wanted to do that all along!).

 What else... hmmm... walks. Lots of walks.

The warmer weather has our Dolls itching to stretch their limbs and play outside.

Sometimes dressed like crazy people.

Sometimes with my sister.

Sometimes after Husband does Girlfriend's hair...

This was his first time doing it and she ended up looking like Mulan... but he gets an A for effort.

Hmm.. I took 47 pictures of the kids for Easter, and in every single one they are looking down like this:


We also dyed Easter eggs.

We used the "Marble" kind, which really should be called the AWESOME kind... because hello, look at how freaking cool they look!

Oh and while we were dying eggs my sister did this to her egg.

And now that I have posted that picture on the Internet, I will probably not be able to blog again for like eight weeks because I am almost certain that she is driving to my house right now to break my hands.

It was fun while it lasted.

(Just kidding, I would totally be back tomorrow with another post, even if I have to type it with my feet.)

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