Staging Kitchen Art Plus Updates

The kitchen makeover continues and I am moving on to finding something to hang on the walls.

I recently framed Lovebug's Little Red Hen picture and hung it on the door to our in-law apartment...

I think I will hang it in our kitchen for life.

Chicken and Nuts are the perfect addition to any kitchen motif...

"Henny," will survive every makeover, of this I'm sure.

When it came time to figure out what we were going to do with our limited kitchen wall space, we decided two things right off the bat:

To keep the chalkboard, and ditch the "eat" sign.

Also... get rid of those toothpaste walls.

Right off the bat I knew I wanted to frame this picture and put it where "eat" used to hang.

Those little feet warm my soul, plus I am nothing if not over theme-y, and those feet are standing on chairs in the kitchen so... obvi.

I loved it even  more after I framed it. Adorable I tell ya.

We wanted to hang one more picture with it, so it wouldn't look lonely... but were at a loss for what to hang.

We know that you're supposed to hang things in three's... but nothing can hang low enough for the toddler terrorists to reach, so two pictures was the way to go for us.

But what to hang??

I didn't have any more cute pictures of them doing anything in the kitchen, at least, nothing that could compare to the feet show stopper.

I thought and thought about this and finally decide to use our fridge.

Both of our kids like to stand in the refrigerator...maybe we don't feed them enough??

I positioned myself in front of the fridge camera ready, and waited and waited for those little nutcases to come into the kitchen... and they never did.

So I decided the Hell with waiting for them.

I grabbed some M&M's and set the stage for what I knew would give me some adorable pictures (I've got the food photo shoot on lock these days).

I put some on each shelf, then called the kids into the kitchen.

They took one look at the open door of the fridge, and the candy waiting inside and just walked right into my trap.

These kids are too easy... just throw a treat at them and they come running.

I picked my favorite shot, blew it up, and framed it...

Now it hangs with it's friend the feetie picture...

 And they look so good up against our new walls, which are Allen & Roth's Fisherman Wharf.

Love Love Love them.

And that moody blue paint is a major upgrade from the minty toothpaste walls we had before.

Our kitchen will never be Bower Power or Young House Love-esque... it will never be my dream or my forever kitchen... because this isn't our forever home.

It will always have a chicken with nuts on the wall and a pull up bar in the doorway; it's not going to be picture perfect because we actually live here... (duh).

But the addition of "art" featuring two of my favorite people; well, that is helping me love it more than I ever did before.

Prolly coulda just hung those two pictures and not done the granite and been just as happy (just kidding Husband).


  1. I love the new pictures of the kids in the kitchen! let's see some finished product pics of the entire kitchen :)

  2. I love/hate you for introducing me to those other 2 blogs and their kitchen renos! lol keep the updates coming!! :)

  3. Love love love the framed kitchen pictures. Too cute.

    1. I love them cause anyone can recreate them in their own kitchen. Sometimes home blogs do things that are so out of reach, but this is easy! and cheap!

  4. Looks great! I love that color! And that picture of them standing on those wooden chairs is priceless! Great shot, Mama!

  5. Great updates. Take it from me, UPDATE!! Those pics would look fab in black and white also


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