Reasoning With Him

I know I say this a lot... but, My baby is a boy now.

Even though I know this, I am still surprised to see him growing and changing everyday.

Like... how did I get here?

Having a child that will be 4 in a few short months?

It blows my mind.

The other day I was holding him in my arms and dancing in the kitchen when I realized that his legs can now wrap all the way around my waist while he holds on like a monkey.

He is growing, fast.

Last week I mentioned that I don't understand a word he says... which I think is kind of the norm for three year old boys.

Not like he has speech problems, more like he makes no sense.

He is still calling me, "Face," but behavior wise, we are doing better.

I have been laying it on THICK.

The cool thing about three year olds versus two year olds is that they kind of understand what you're saying... as opposed to looking at you like... what the what?

Husband always tells me not to reason with a three year old, but sometimes, I think it can be done.

This past week I just sat down and asked Lovebug what the deal was... like, "what's with all the fresh talk, Man?"

I asked him point blank: "Do you like having Time Outs?"

This may seem like an obvious question, but I swear once boys turn three the world makes no sense anymore.

He was like... "Nope, I don't like Time Outs, or getting yelled at... or when you take away my toys."

(Yes, we are real life normal parents)

And I was all... "Okay, here's my deal... you be a good boy, and I won't yell or put you in Time Out."

And for whatever reason, it's been working.

The collection of toys on the top of my fridge is dwindling... and the Time Out chair is kinda lonely these days.

Of course I know it's not going to be that easy forever, but for right now... it's kind of working.

Color me surprised.

And so proud.

Turns out every so often if you talk to your kids... they will listen.

Who knew?

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  1. I cannot wait for the possibility of reasoning with my child. Can't. Wait.
    Glad you found a "trick" that works for now.


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