Kitchen & Bath Updates

If you have been following along with our recent renos... you know that I found a whole kitchen's worth of Corian counter tops on Craigslist, plus an undermount sink, plus an expensive snazzy faucet for $150.

Oh yes I did.

The first thing we did with all that Corian was find a piece to finish off the upstairs bathroom, and gave that poor sad vanity a face lift, with beautiful new sinks, faucets and back splash to boot.

Here she is before and after...

She's tiled, grouted and gorgeous... I pet her.

And just because I am super obsessed with this back splash...

We contemplated putting the rest of the counters into our kitchen, but decided instead to hand this one over to the professionals.

Home Depot made that decision easy for us by having an amazing sale on granite, which saved us about $500.

Which brings me to last Sunday night, the night before Husband was leaving for a business trip and we had to prepare the kitchen for our new granite...

If you follow us on Instagram, then you might remember seeing this chaotic mess that was our Sunday night.


Husband scheduled our granite to be installed on Thursday... while he was away.

Leaving me to deal with kids... house... granite installers... taking apart the kitchen.....alone.


Thursday... when Lovebug has school.

That he couldn't miss because it was picture day (of course it was).

AND... the photographer offered to take pictures of any siblings, which means it was picture day for Ladybug too.

Did I mention this was all happening between 9 and 11 am... the exact time that Husband scheduled the granite to be installed?

I know.

Oh yeh and even though Home Depot had great prices on granite, that's where the helpfulness stops.

They do NOTHING  except install the granite...

So after Husband took apart the kitchen, and then put it back together (no kitchen for 4 days with 2 kids was out of the question)... I had to re-take it apart again on Wednesday night.

Are you following along?

The kitchen needed to be EMPTY. No counters, no sink... nada.


When your kitchen has no counter tops, the kids can just reach their little paws right into the drawers and throw silverware ALL OVER THE EVER LOVING HOUSE.

So that was fun.

THANK GOD I have amazing friends...

...Who gave baths, took adorable pictures, let the granite guys in, helped me dress them for school pictures, and basically got what was probably the best free birth control on Earth.

I am forever grateful.

Before the granite was installed I made sure to leave a little note for the guys to seal in with the counters.

  Husband thought this was weird (he is no freaking fun), but I was all: "This is exciting! I did this when I was younger! If the kids get famous this will be a huge seller on EBay..."

He is not amused by me, but I did it anyway.

The kitchen is still not done (still no faucet until Husband gets home tonight)... but here's where we are today:

It's hard to get a good after picture when shit is still all torn apart up in this place.

This is real life.

Next up we have to paint...

Figure out some way to afford tile (remember this whole reno started because we saved big bucks by shopping on Craigslist)....

Maybe bust out this small window for a bigger one...

And then eventually we will upgrade to stainless steel appliances...which will also come from Craigslist.

Speaking of Craigslist... the remaining Corian counter tops sold last night to a wonderful couple who will put them to good use in their home... for fifty bucks... so we got the new counter top in the upstairs bathroom, plus our sink, plus our faucet... for 100 bananas.

Oh and the sink, is lookin' migggghty fine.

It is EIGHT INCHES bigger than our old one... swoon.

Lovebug gave the counter tops his official two lips seal of approval...

And we are super excited for a weekend full of tile and maybe even some paint... I think Husband is due for some house work of his own after the crazy job he left me to do!


  1. Beautiful renovations! I'm jealous... I've got a way to go before we get to do major renovations in our home.

    1. Thanks! I wish it was done already though!

  2. I found you through a link posted on a Facebook page called Honest Toddler :) Loving your stories!

    While I absolutely LOVE your note idea under the counters it makes me feel twisted because I want to do this...


    1. Omg so funny!! Next floor reno.. I'm on it!

  3. I love the note too! My husband is no fun either. He would say I was being dumb.

  4. Looks great :) I look forward to seeing it! And my husband would make fun of me too.. but he is no fun! (sorry if there ends up being two comments)

  5. The renovations are looking good. Good for you. I like what you did with your bathroom.


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