I love Instagram.

It is so easy to use!

Plus it is perfect for a super busy slash semi lazy blogger like myself (if only blogging paid the bills... or for lunch... or Ramen noodles... or ANYTHING...sigghhh).

What was I waiting for??

If you aren't following us on Insta-Gram... get on it (look for "ourtinyplace" ... clever name right?)!!

I love posting little tidbits of our day all day long... which is why there are cobwebs and crickets over on my Facebook page.

Here's a little of what you've been missing if you aren't on Instagram...

For whatever reason, when the camera on my phone uses Instagram, it takes pictures about 2 seconds faster than when I use it by itself (my parents are like... what the fuck is she even saying?).

So I am actually using Instagram as my go-to for picture taking almost all the time now..

I have tons of photos that are taken in actual real time, and not two seconds after the fact so the kids look like a blur.

Check us out and be sure to let me know to follow you too!

Unless this is just a one sided friendship we have here... and you can only stalk me, and I can't stalk you.

Cause that's not weird or anything.


  1. Haha I love your sense of humor :) Great pics, I too am Instagram obsessed. Once I get on my phone I'll have to look you up (I'm peacoatsandplaid)

    Thanks so much for linking up this week with the GFC Collective, now following you!

  2. I joined Instagram a little over a year ago (@madwanders)... and my poor DSLR is gathering dust. I feel so bad sometimes, but the ease of sharing photos with an iPhone makes it so worth it, right?

  3. Love the pictures! I don't have instagram......so I can't join in that obsession! ;) I don't know if you ever got my reply to your comment a week ago, maybe? I was not sure how to add my blog link to your column on the sidebar so I wanted to clarify if I had to pay $5 for it or secure some kind of code. I don't see any code there though! Hope you know what I'm talking about! ;)

  4. I had Instagram and was TOO obsessed so I had to delete it. I know exactly what you mean though. Oh, and I love the Nancy Tillman quote, that is one of my favorite books. We bought it for Nat on her first birthday and I sobbed while trying to read it to her.

  5. You crack me up. I have been stalking you on Instagram too :) I don't have a blog - but I do use Instagram, feel free to follow me - kariworley. You'll be able to see pics of my two little girls (6 and 2). Not that you have to. But at least it would give you something else to do when you are bored (like that ever happens) ;)

    1. your daughters are gorgeous and I want your puppy... that sounds weird but it's true!


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