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If you follow me on Facebook, you know that my stupid computer charger died so I haven't been able to blog... it's driving me nuts!

I know what you're thinking... just go buy a new one.

But hello, people... it is like 15 degrees here, and going to Radio Shack (yes, they still exist) to buy a charger does not sound fun because Radio Shack has no carts...

So picture me dragging two kids that are bundled up in hats and coats through a parking lot into a store, while carrying a computer to make sure the charger works and .... ugggh... I'm sweating just thinking about it.

Plus because Girlfriend has started selecting some of her own accesories, the kids may look like this: pajamas, crocheted strawberry hat, and cowboy boots...

Now picture me (again) dragging them through the parking lot again, dressed like that... and you'll understand why I have zero desire to go buy a new one with the nuggets in tow.

Don't worry (like you were) first on this weekend's agenda... new charger.

And also... giving this little peach a makeover for my Girlfriend's dolls.

Doesn't it remind you of a miniature version of this big peach??

The cradle that my Grandfather made for my brother 32 years ago??

That both Bugs slept in as a baby??

I know... me too... that's why when I saw it at Good Will I stuffed it down my pants so no one could try to steal it from me.

It is real wood and only cost me $11... so it's perfect... and she's getting a makeover this weekend.

What else is on our agenda??

Husband and my girlfriends are competing in a Weight Lifting competition... so the kids and I will be getting our cheerleader faces on for them.

Oh also... more snow is headed our way.... fuckin' snow yay!

Annnnd... we are going to be getting our kitchen ready...

For it's makeover!

We are getting granite counter tops next week!

Thank God for Home Depot and their amazing granite deals... we are psyched to get rid of the 1990's Crayola Crayon reject color... maybe add a new backsplash, paint the room a smokey gray....


What's with all the sudden updating??

Well, we will hopefully, maybe, fingers crossed be putting our house on the market soon, and we figured it'd be nice to enjoy the house before we slap a For Sale sign in front of it.

In other news, I finally figured out how to get my old lady self on Instagram, so check us out there @ourtinyplace to get updates all weekend long... and see different things that aren't posted here!

 If you aren't following us on Instagram... here is a taste of what you missed this week:

Be sure to find us on Instagram for up to the minute madness!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I LOVE house updates. yay!! Moving to ID with me???


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