Lovebug's First Ever Valentine's

I have to admit that it is kind of weird to have a child that is old enough to exchange Valentine's at school.

I don't even know how this happened because I definitely remember handing out cards of my own like five minutes ago... so how is it possible that I spent an hour this morning making homemade cards for my child to give out??

I have no clue.

Anyway, I have never actually bought Valentine's and have no idea what they cost, but I decided to go the homemade route anyway.

I knew Lovebug would chose Spiderman or Hulk or Monster Trucks given the chance, and I really wanted him to have something unique ... because that kind of stuff matters (to no one).

Trying to steer away from what everyone else was going to do, we also decided to bypass the sweets.

Husband found these great boxes of stickers at Walgreens.

Sixteen boxes of 20 stickers each, for less than two bananas.


I knew right away that I wanted his cards to say, "I'm Stuck on You," because of the stickers... then when I was looking for my nerd crafty scissors, I stumbled onto our big box of fake tattoos.

Lovebug helped me sort through and pick out appropriate tattoos for his class.

A few minutes later we had two piles... owls and hippos for the girls, and Superheroes for the boys.

Once I had my "stuck" stuff packaged neatly in the boxes, I went to my favorite picture editing website and made a quick text slash heart slash background in boy colors for the base of the cards.

I had pink paper on hand so I printed them out, and glued it to scrap book paper... pink scrolly things for the girls, blue stripes for the boys.

I followed the two rules that my Mom taught me when I was young: do not write names on the Valentine's, and always send an extra.

The thinking behind not writing names is that Heaven forbid you forget someone, but someone else is absent, you can just interchange the cards, or use the extra one that you brought just in case.

I also made one for Lovebug, at the off chance that his teacher let them have their stickers and tattoos during school, I didn't want him to be left out.

The end result is nothing fancy, but cost me less than $2 for the whole class so... I'm gonna call these homemade cards a success.

Especially because my little man told me that I am a "Cool Mom," and his friends will yuv having tattoos at school.

Truth be told I was going for "Cheap and Easy," (Husband loves that about me)... but of course I'll take "Cool," any day of the week too.


  1. Hahahahahhahahaha!! Please click on your link for your favorite photo editing website. It's the greatness. I think you meant "monkey." But, I could be totally wrong.

    Adorable cards!!

    1. Haha... great catch! At least it wasn't porn or something!

  2. Wow great deal on the stickers. I made my daughter's Valentine's last night. She one, and they gave me the list of kids names - 6 total, so it was pretty easy. I never thought about leaving the names off. Definitely a good tip in the future, but for now I'll trust the list of 6 names that the daycare gave me.


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