I Shoulda Known...

It is not my first day as a Mother.

Nor is it my first day as a Mother to a child that puts every little thing into her mouth.

But for some reason, when Girlfriend came to lay in my lap yesterday and sat veerrrryyy quietly with a marker in her hand...

I thought that maybe she was just nomming on the cap.

Which is totally fine in comparison to some of the other things that she has eaten.

As it turns out... history does repeat itself and she was not just eating the cap, she was sucking on the marker...

 Another one bites the dust.

Lovebug was super exited to take pictures with his sister looking so ridiculous.

He was like... "For once it's not me."

They were killing us with the cuddly cuteness....

Husband even got his phone and started taking pictures without me asking (I like to have two cameras going cause Lord knows they move quick).

Thank goodness for non-toxic markers.....

Because what you can't see in these pictures is her black tongue and gums!!

It's a good thing she's cute... weird... with obviously little to no taste buds... but cute.

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