Four Eyes (Plus GlassesUSA Discount Codes)

Last summer I pushed the kid's stroller up our friend's gravel driveway at sunset, and somehow lost my glasses.

I left their house well after dark, put the Bugs in their car seats, turned the car on, looked out my windshield and realized that I couldn't see.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I am more or less blind without my glasses.

It's to the point where if I don't wear them for a few hours, my eyes literally hurt.

And... when I lose them... which I do at least twice a day, my eyes all of a sudden like refuse to work.

I mean what the Hell is a semi-blind person to do when they lose their glasses??


Which means I am always at the mercy of Husband who is forever shaking his head at me like:


Anyway, back to our friend's house...

As luck would have it the night I lost my glasses Husband was out of town.

And our friends happen to be no stranger to my blind-as-a-bat shenanigans.

 I was all:

"It's fine... they probably just bounced out of the stroller and are somewhere on your driveway..."

I jokingly suggested I just drive home and stay between the trees, when my friend quite literally put me in the passenger seat and said... "I am driving you home. Sit. Stay."

I did as I was told and we began the trek down their long rocky driveway when suddenly through all the fuzziness that was before me, I saw a tiny glimmer of light.

It was my glasses! The headlights were reflecting off the lenses!!

They were more than a little scratched up from falling out of the stroller.... which only added to their sexiness, as they'd been lopsided for like... a year already.

All that to say... I still haven't bought new ones.

Call me crazy, but the idea of sitting in a chair getting my eyes while holding two children on my lap sounds miserable.

I'd rather just tilt my head sideways and hope that no one notices that my glasses are actually completely crooked and slide down my nose like I'm a cartoon character.

The fact that I let my 3 year old wear my very crooked BCBG eyeglasses....

...Just goes to show you that I've given up all hope for this pair ever getting fixed... and will be one of those people who wears old shitty glasses forever.

Or will I???

Turns out that the good people at GlassesUSA.com are so embarrassed for me and my scratched lenses that they want to give me, and you(!) a discount for their website (which already offers a 110% guarantee to have the lowest prices for online eyeglasses).

I look at this as the Universe's way of telling me that I should stop losing my glasses everyday and instead.... use the GlassesUSA discount, and order glasses online... like multiple pairs of them.

I'm thinking about these for my glove compartment, these for my night stand... and maybe even these for the deli drawer of the fridge.

Since their prices are inexpensive, and come with a satisfaction guarantee, I won't feel guilty about stocking up like the four eyed white Beyonce that I am.

And since I am always losing my glasses, having more than one pair strategically placed in every room of my house, just might be the answer.

I mayyy have used this crazy Virtual Mirror thing for an hour trying on my new four eyed wardrobe... um, it's addicting.

Try it out, and use the codes below to save yourself, and your whole visually challenged family some cash on their next pair of glasses!


Oh and if you should ever run into me somewhere and think I am avoiding you and being incredibly rude...

I promise it's nothing personal; I just can't see you.


To take 30% off frames (with single-vision Value Lens Package) + FREE shipping (premium frames excluded), use code: EYECANDY30

Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses using code: BLOG10

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