Valentine's Day Pictures

Since we had so much fun taking 400 pictures for our 2012 Christmas Card, I thought why not take some for Valentine's Day too??

The goal behind these shots was NOT to get two smiling children in one picture (which we failed miserably at for Christmas)...

I just really wanted some cute pictures of them being together, and being natural.

Taking the, "Please for the love of GOD will you both look at the camera and SMILE," stress out of the situation made for a much quicker, and more pleasant event.

It also didn't hurt that I dumped an entire bag of candy hearts on the blanket and let them go to town...

A little bribery goes a long way... ya know?

This little photo shoot was the perfect mid morning activity for our dolls, who tend to get restless right around 11 am every day....

Plus it cost us less than 5 bucks;

The antennas and the candy were all four quarters each at the Dollar Store, the boa we borrowed from friends, and the rest of it is stuff we already had (I made the garland last week).

The Hooligans sat calmly nomming away on pure sugar while I snapped a few shots to be sent to the Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents for Valentine's Day (sorry guys, spoiled the surprise).

Usually they get fussy and fidgety after like... one minute... but this time they just chilled, wore their holiday colors, and let me get all paparazzi up in their faces.

It got a little weird when they started looking like twins in shots like this one...

Seriously, is that the same profile twice in one picture or is it just me??

I somehow snagged two semi decent (read: no one is picking their nose, crying, or bleeding....) shots of each of them individually:

 Okay, so those pictures barely make the "half way decent," scale... but at least they are sitting still.

After fifteen minutes they were over it.

The pictures were coming out blurry and the kids started to look like they had been in a fight, or a thunderstorm, or something...

Their hair was messy, the antennas were thrown across the room...

You are probably familiar with the point of no return, and that is where we were:

This wasn't my first rodeo, so I obviously knew that melt down city was going to happen at some point.

I was super proud of them for giving me 15 minutes or their semi-undivided attention, which is like... IMPOSSIBLE for our little energizer bunnies.

Especially after someone gave them an entire bag of heart shaped candy, like WOOO FREE CANDY GO, GO, GO...

Who would do such a thing?!!


  1. I feel your pain. I have 5 children and if I ever get them all looking at the camera at the same time with their eyes open, it will be a miracle. I gave up on everyone smiling at the camera years ago.

    You have a beautiful family. :)

  2. Aww so much cuteness. I love some of the faces your little girly is making.


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