One Last Christmas Craft

I know, Christmas is over... but bear with me while I explain myself.

I made these ornament magnets back in November, and we loved the crap out of them these season.

They were just so festive and cute, plus they held up almost all of the Christmas photo cards we received.

Plus, our garage door is magnetic, so we could keep the cards up high and out of Girlfriend's crazy monkey reach.

When new cards came in, all I had to do was fire up the glue gun and make a few new magnets... seriously, easiest project ever.

So why am I telling you this NOW, after Christmas??

Because now that your schedule is not insane and your kids are back in school...

You know you are going to hit up those after Christmas sales; where non-breakable ornaments like these (from Tar-Jay) will probably be like 50 cents for 10.

So, now you can make them and toss them in your Christmas box... ready for next year!

You're welcome.

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