On Playing Santa To A Believer

Lovebug believed so hard in everything that Christmas had to offer.
From the hotdogs for the reindeer, to the cookies for Santa, to the stocking at the foot of his bed..... our little man BELIEVES.

If you don't spend Christmas around really young kids who believe in the Big Man, find a family that will let you come crash their Christmas, and go watch.

Lovebug gave me the best Christmas of my life this year... HANDS DOWN.

Watching the sheer joy that radiated out of his pores, was like nothing on Earth that I have ever experienced in my life.

I can't show you any pictures of his electrifying happiness, because I was too busy hogging it all to myself to think to grab a camera.

That little doll believes in the love and kindness of Santa with every fiber of his 3 foot being... and with every smile, and shriek, and nun-chuck punch to the gut... he made me believe again too.

Christmas is not about gifts and gadgets, it's about that feeling... the one that his excitement gave me.

This was the first year that Lovebug really understood Christmas and all the magic that makes it so special.

I can say, without question, at least for Husband and I... it is better to play Santa than it is to receive his goodness.

We are blessed in so many ways, by so many wonderful and generous people... and it warmed my heart to see our little man bust out in cheers for each and every one of them.

With every rip of the wrapping paper, no matter what was inside... Lovebug squealed and clapped and laughed like a maniac.

And every adult in the room beamed... his happiness was contagious, and that was the very best gift this Christmas.

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  1. I love this. I am totally the same way. Childhood is about imagination and magic.


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