New Table, Plus The Best Of Last Year

My parents got the Dolls a little table for our kitchen for Christmas... we are all in love.

I don't know why we didn't do this sooner... especially because our kitchen is not "eat in", (we eat in the dining area next to the kitchen... cause that's not annoying or anything to walk around a wall 100 times during dinner).

So the new little table allows me a few minutes to get some dishes done while my babies are busy nomming on apples.

I am pretty much shocked that they will sit there calmly... but they will and they do. 

They like to poke their little fingers at whatever my latest chalkboard masterpiece is, to drive me insane.

Currently it has 2012 highlights on it... some months, like December, were less exciting than others...

And if you have absolutely nothing better to do... you can refresh your memory on some of these things by clicking the links below:

January: Kids saw first movie in the the theatre.
February: Kids first merry go round ride.
March: Ladybug ate tattoos.
April: Got a new swing set!
May: First family ferry ride / Lovebug turned 3
June: Lovebug went bowling
July: Ladybug started walking!
August: Ladybug turned 1, Lovebug wiped his own butt!
September: Lovebug started school, Ladybug stopped nursing
October: Ladybug got stuck in the floor
November: Kids played in the snow together for the first time
December: Kids saw Mrs. Claus at the "North Pole"

We had a busy year, with just enough excitement to keep it interesting, and not so much that we didn't take time to sit back and appreciate all that we have.

Happy 2013 to you and yours... may this be your best year yet.

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  1. Wow that is one impressive chalkboard!
    I'm impressed that our young ones will actually eat at their little table too.


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