Mightee Kids; A Teaching Moment

You guys know I am a sucker for anything that has to do with Charity work, kids... and free t-shirts.

So when I heard from Mightee Kids about their Mission to inspire kids to help other less fortunate kids... with the use of teaching tools and t-shirts... I was like... YUP.

Mightee Kids makes packages that include a t-shirt and a teaching brochure, and sends them to parents that want to teach their kids about global issues involving other kids.

The brochure has cute cartoons on it, and is used as a teaching tool to guide parents as they talk to their kids about kids that may not be as blessed as they are.

Five dollars from every Mightee Kids t-shirt purchase goes to aid kids across the country and the world, that are less fortunate than ours.

Each month Mightee Kids partners with a different organization, in order to help their cause.

January's Mightee tees are donating to Smile Train... an organization that focuses on children with cleft lips or palates.

Let's be real people... teaching kids about people who are less fortunate is not always easy... especially when they are all: "Why, Why, WHYYYY!"

I didn't really know where to begin... so I started slow by showing Lovebug the t-shirt, which, sidenote: I AM IN LOVE WITH.

It is cute, and that light weight, vintage-y material... seriously, I want it for myself.

I begged Mightee Kids to send one for me too, but the shirts are Youth size 1-12... stupid boobs always ruin everything.

Anyway... the first thing we did was talk about how every person and animal on the shirt had a slightly different smile... and how he was really lucky to have such a beautiful one.

It was important to me to focus the conversation not only on smiles, but on how all people are different... and that's okay.

Our kids have always celebrated diversity, so I knew this was language that he would understand.

After I gave him the shirt (when I realized that there was no way in Hell that it was going to fit me), I brought out the teaching tools.

I let him study the cartoon kids first, and ask me questions.

I didn't really have to do anything, he lead the whole conversation by just being a little boy, and being curious.

I am 100% happy that this teaching moment took place in our own home, and not at the Grocery Store or the Amusement Park.

You know, somewhere awkward where he could point, stare, and potentially seem rude instead of curious.

I'd be lying if I said he understood everything we talked about... I mean, he is three.

But Lovebug seemed genuinely concerned, and satisfied with my answers.... especially when I told him that every time he wears his new shirt he is helping someone else.

Which to a three year old boy; translates to: when you wear this, you are a Super Hero... so you best believe he is wearin' that shirt twenty four seven!

Win your own Mightee Kids "Say Cheese," shirt here... Five winners!!


  1. Very impressive post. I totally agree with you that teaching kids about people who are less fortunate is not always easy. Love what you did. Great job!


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