Like Him

Girlfriend idolizes her brother, and tries to do everything he does... in moments like this, it's sweet:

And in moments like last night... when she climbed out of her crib... AT SEVENTEEN MONTHS OLD... it is not even a little bit adorable.

All she did was watch her brother throw one leg up over the side, and she threw hers up too... and that was that... out she rolled.


I caught her in the act and she was all:

"Schorry, Schorry, Schorry..."

While she crazy white girl walked around the room, not looking the least bit "schorry," and was instead like:


And that... is why I am off to buy one of those crib tents.

I am pretty sure if I am buying a tent today... I will probably be buying a leash tomorrow.

And you know what?

I am not ashamed. I am tired.

And if a leash will hold that child down.. then I'm buying one.

Schorry I'm not schorry.


  1. Okay - I'll admit, I've been a stalker for a long time (found you from Bower Power). But I finally had to write (breaking out of my stalkerish tendancies - totally a term) to thank you for making me laugh - every. day.
    When my kids are driving me nuts (6 and 2 year old girls), I can always open your blog and you and your adorable kiddos are sure to put a smile on my face. So thank you for making my days that much more enjoyable (bearable). ~Kari

    1. Ok. I love you. You are my favorite kind of reader (sorry to the other 5 of you)! I love hearing from people that are secretly reading but not speaking! And I am so happy that my ridiculous life can make you laugh! I mean if it weren't for humor, I would totally be one non-pedicured foot into the nut house.

  2. This is great. I totes got a leash for Adrienne when she was babydoll's age. I didn't give two shits what people thought. And it did it's job.

    1. Seriously I mean leashes have to work... look at all the dogs out there that are doing what they're told. I mean....

  3. Hi. I had those crib tents for my twins and then I read there was a recall on them. That was months ago, they may have fixed the problem by now. I just wanted to let you know so you could look into it. :)

  4. We (the hubs and I) are actually about to have to break down and turn the cribs for our twins into toddler beds. It is probably more than about that time anyway... but I dread the constant worry of them wondering around their room at 'oh God thirty'.

    See what had happened was... my husband is military and was away doing field excersises last week. While the twinks were down for their nap I thought I would snag the oppertunity for a shower. I waited until I knew they were sound asleep and hopped in. Not five minutes into the steamy quiet bliss did I hear the wails of my daughter completely devistated that I was not in there immediately to get her so I rushed through the rest and jumped out.

    For sure I had enough time to run to the laundry room to grab my clothes from the dryer right? Wrong! I walk back in to hear a even more broken 'Belles' and no longer muffled from their bedroom...

    I go flying down the hall (this is how most of my stories start anyways so nothing new) to find her standIng in between bedrooms at the end. Not in her room. Not in her crib.

    I snatch her up and look for the obvious boo boos and find none only to look over just in time to catch my son flinging his chubby leg over the side and arive in barely enough time to catch his flailing body.

    Now I have two angry babies in my arms and I am in a towel. So much for that mommy time lol Thinking about using restraining devises with their 'big kid' beds... they would just think thats how they work. Dont judge me.


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