Life Is Expensive....

Like the rest of the world, we noticed the hit in Husband's pay check as soon as the new year / new taxes era began.


Sometimes I feel guilty for having such a wonderful (cough, unpaid) job... while Husband is stuck traveling and paying the bills.

Every so often I think about my unused college degree, and then I feel bad for my dad... who paid for it....

And Husband, who paid to have it framed, and hung it on the wall, where it gathers dust and sure as shit doesn't pay any friggin' bills.

It is a never ending battle in my brain of wanting to stay home with our Dolls, but wanting to be able to help Husband pay for all the things in all the land, too.

Seriously... have you guys noticed? Life is expensive!!

Lucky for me though, and you too... love is free.

And love is what makes staying home with our babies so, so worth it;

I am so fortunate to never miss a juicy moment, good or bad... every moment is mine (cue the psycho mom... "I'll never cut the cord," laugh).

The chaos, the singing, the dancing...

The tantrums, the messes...

The bad days, the good days...

In our house, all days begin, and end, in hugs and kisses.

And when Lovebug squeezes me tight before bed, and tells me I am beautiful, and I am going to be his wife when he gets older...

Well it just doesn't get any more lovable than that.

And I am reminded that even though there will always be bills to be paid, and things to be fixed...

We have each other... and that, is enough.


  1. Tell your hubs I said thanks too, so you can stay home and in your free time entertain all of us with your crazy ass children's stories. ;)

  2. That is the sweetest picture ever. I LOVE the boots. <3



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