Kidney Cards

Last week my Father received a kidney transplant, thanks to my very generous Uncle... who was all:

"Sure... take my organ, no big dee."

Long before surgery day I started searching online for kidney themed cards that would make the guys smile, and maybe even laugh a little bit, after they traded body parts like a couple of bosses.

I found nothing that wasn't super corny, and didn't say, "Urine," on it somewhere.


I knew I could do better than that...

And only because my Father asked me to, I am posting the pictures here...

If I was on Pinterest, I believe these would be Pin-worthy for the right audience....

But since I am not... here you go:

This one was for my Dad:

He was born with one small kidney that never grew, and since I will do ANYTHING to avoid putting laundry away...

I dumped out an entire bag of Trail Mix and measured every single raisin until I found the smallest one before hot gluing it next to a slightly bigger one (which of course represents the one that has been doing double duty for 60 years).

I need a life... clearly.

My Uncle's card didn't take quite so much digging... but really tested my stick figure drawing skills:

Obviously I am better at coming up with ideas than I am at executing them into beautiful forms of art... but you get the idea.

These cards... in all of their simplistic glory, were a big hit.

And only because I know what the kidney-card-selection looks like out there... I'm gonna go ahead and say, I can see why.

I mean... if you have a choice between a card with food stuck to it, or a card that says, "Urine My Thoughts..."

The food is gonna win every time.

And, because this is my blog, and I am super proud of my Dad for looking so great after his surgery...

And equally as proud of my Mom, for being his nurse every step of the way...

Here they are right before leaving the Hospital this past Monday:

Now that... is a happy looking pair.


  1. Love the cards. Happy to see that your Dad is doing awesome! :)

  2. What a great card! And what an amazing thing for your uncle to do for your father, what a great guy. :)


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