Christmas Week Photo Dump...

Like I said... I didn't take many pictures on Christmas, so this is what I've got.

Also... our children are spoiled rotten and there is not a toy in all the land that we don't own.

In fact... I have a car full of toys that I am putting away until the Spring.

When you are the only grandchildren, and the only niece and nephew on all sides... well, then that's just how you roll.

Behold, in no particular order, the trashed house that we call our home, and our very Merry Christmas.

We saw one billion more people that are not pictured here, but these are things that took place at Our Tiny Place... and Our Tiny Grocery Store.

There's very little proof that I was actually present for these moments (okay, no proof at all aside from half my arm and face in the snow flake picture), but I assure you, the buying, the wrapping, the cooking, the cleaning... I did it all.

Probably just like you at your house... amIright?

So; to recap: enjoying the moments; top priority.

Taking pictures, kind of a priority.

Actually being in pictures? Not a priority at all.

Oh well, better luck next year, Face.


  1. I love how fab girlfriend is in her sunnies and tutu!! We have the ONLY grandchild on all sides, so I feel ya with the spoiled rotten thing. ;)



  2. Looks like a fantastic holiday. I like Ladybug's black baby doll, very hip of her. It's what all the celebs are doing these days.


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