Accidental Action Shot

You know when your kids are suddenly being so freaking cute and you're like...

"Shit! OMG! Don't move a muscle, just stay right there and keep being cute so I can get the camera, and remember this moment for the rest of my LIFE!!

Don't move, don't move, I'm right here, I'm walking backwards to get my phone so I can keep watching you and you can keep not moving... don't move, don't move, don't move!!"

Well, this story started like that...

With the kids riding Girlfriend's new little fairy truck thinger together... and looking like two little peas on a purple truck pod.

It was so cute, they were cheesin' and clapping, and just really trying to kill me with adorableness.

So I grabbed the closest thing to me, my Android phone, which has the absolute shittiest camera in the world on it.

I am pretty sure it was made with paper clips and a glue gun.

Anyway, just as I was about to take a picture of our peaches being extra sweet...

Lovebug decided that he was over sitting still and ... well...

I got this instead:


Obviously, this picture isn't very clear, but anyone with two semi-functioning eyeballs knows what is going on here. 

Or about to go on here.

Face-plant city.

Don't worry... my little sass machine was totally fine... I swear she just bounces now she is so tough.

You know what did happen?

They laughed, like hysterically... two hyenas rolling around on the floor laughing about how fun it is to bust your face straight into the floor.

Then my Girlfriend jumped up and tried to re-create the scene... so the magic fairy mobile is now in hiding until she stops trying to flip it.

Even though the picture is blurry (stupid cereal box toy cell phone camera)...

I'm still considering this a win on my end,  it perfectly captures the essence of our hooligans.

No pants and all.


  1. This happens to me all the time. I missed my daughter first time rolling over because I turned to grab the camera. I now walk backwards so I don't miss anything anymore.

  2. Wow I can so relate!! I feel like I'm always connected to my camera while I'm with my daughter, never wanting to blink! I really love your blog! I just started one and love reading what you have to say!


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