Snappy, Savvy Santa Tip

Have you guys heard of Picasound??

It is a new app for iPhones, it is less than 2 bucks and It. Is. SO COOL!!

Talk about something I wish I invented... this app has 48 different sounds that you can play while taking pictures!

I am going to be honest.. it didn't work so hot with my 1 year old, because she is a maniac.

While she did pay attention to each and every sound, she also kept walking around to my side of the phone to see if she could actually see the monkey / cow / train / pirate / cowboy... um, you name it, I tried it with her.

But for older kids, like Lovebug, Picasound was the bee's knees...

I would recommend checking out the app on your own first, some of the noises seem a little quieter or louder than the others... so I'd pick a quiet room for your photo shoot.

I also know that an attentive toddler is a terrible thing to waste time on... so I was super prepared and had already tested the sounds and knew which ones he would love.

Before we began I told him we were going to play a game: 

"I'm going to play you some sounds, if you know what it is, tell me... but no peaking at the phone!"

Telling him the rules ahead of time was definitely key, because otherwise I know he would have tried to see the firetruck when I blared its horn in his face.

He loved this game!

He obviously, knew all the answers (the sounds are simple, and clear), and was super excited to hear what was next and kept screaming out, "the answer": Sheep! Frog! Dog!

Which made for some pretty adorable pictures....

Combine Picasound with this amazing Shutterfly deal... and you can call your Christmas cards done-zo... nothing better than fun, painless, and cheap!


  1. LOVE Picasound! Your son's pictures turned out adorable :)

  2. That's a great idea!

  3. Genius! And the pictures are adorable!!


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