Salt Dough Ornaments

Everyone and their mother makes salt dough ornaments this time of year... the Bugs and I included.

Last year we made these puppies, so this year I wanted to do something different.

Lovebug helped me whip up this recipe last week, while my Girlfriend sat in her high chair, screaming (just keeping it real).

Don't forget to make a hole to hang it from the tree!
Warning, if you eat this, you will probably collapse on the spot from too much salt to your face.

 I know, because I tried.

We started by making hand prints, but here's the thing:

Making hand prints with a 1 and 3 year old is not fun... because someone always ends up squishing the dough, or moving their hand so it looks like an alien baby...

It is just more of a hassle than anything if you ask me, cause every time they grab the dough with their little mitts and mess it up, you have to re-roll it out, re-cut it with the cookie cutter... yada yada.

PLUS... when you cook the dough, the hand print rises and it just doesn't look as cute as it should....

Here's what we got after seventy five tries... per kid.

Tip: If you're doing a hand print... use glitter or iridescent paint... it helps brings out the crannies.
 They're okay, I mean they do the job... but I decided to try Plan B anyway... cookie cutters.

We own two cookie cutters, a heart, and a dinosaur.

Not that a long neck dinosaur doesn't scream "Land Before Time CHRISTMAS!!"... but we went with the heart this time.... no offense to an entire extinct species.

I can say with certainty, and no exaggeration, that I used literally every single brain cell I have to come up with this idea all by myself...

There is nothing "Pinteresting," about this (still not on Pinterest) ... this one was all me.

Like I said...

One whole hand was too much work to make perfect...

But one THUMB... well that would be a quick enough process for any child... even my maniacs.

I was all...

Kids! I need your thumbs for ten seconds!

And then it was one thumb, one thumb, one thumb... bam, bam, bam... ten seconds (per kid) later, and they were ready to go into the oven.

After I pulled them out of the oven and let the cool for days on end (I have a busy life), we painted them a pearl white...

 By "we," I mean me and two of my Girlfriends... if it weren't for them, these things would still be sitting on the counter... and that's the truth.

After they were all pretty and pearly white, we turned their cute little thumb prints into reindeer... complete with red noses, and a pink bow for my Girlfriend.

Then on the back... in a nod to the thumb prints, we wrote:

Now I know that these aren't the most beautimous ornaments in all the land... but for homemade, they're not half bad... plus it's the thought.

And let's not forget, I pretty much felt like Bill Nye when I came up with this idea... so they even helped boost my self esteem!


All bull shit aside, if you are a Stay At Home Mom and wipe butts for a living like I do...

Then you understand that using your brain is not something that you really do very often... or even, ever?

So when a good idea pops into my head, I am pretty much just happy that there is still something in there.

I seriously thought so hard to come up with this that my brain HURT.

Maybe I should get out more?


  1. You are just one crafty little Mama! I've never heard of salt dough ornaments but I seriously need to try this!!!!!

  2. How freakin cute!! We just made ones and stamped a letter in the front. I'm jelly of yours now! Those little reindeer thumb heads are adorbs.


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