My Daughter Eats Her Crib

If you follow me on Facebook... you probably saw this picture a few weeks back:

If it looks like my daughter has gnawed her crib to splinters and shards... it's because she has.

I can only imagine the chaos that goes on in that girl's belly.

If I'm going to be completely honest, I had no clue just had much of her bed she had eaten, until I moved it onto an inside wall after the first snow fall.

Her crib is usually up against an exterior wall, and moving it in just seemed like the logical thing to do when it got super cold out.

Except here's the thing:

Number 1... you would have thought I moved that girl into the fucking shed the way she screamed for two days over her new view point.


Number 2... I instantly felt like a terrible Mom for not realizing that my daughter had been becoming a master carpenter in her bed... for real, her teeth are probably nubs.

I'm so ashamed.

I started wondering how I could fix this problem, without having to break out the sand paper and put in any real work.

A friend of mine told me that those plastic rail cover things were a waste of money;

"Just something else for her to throw across the room," she said....

The last thing this house needs is more baby frisbees... so I knew I had to go a different route.

I decided to just cover the bed rails with soft fabric... at least that way if she was going to eat something, it would be fuzzy flannel, and not knotty pine.

I bought some cheap fabric for about $2 at Wal-Mart... and then decided to pull apart this thing that I made for her First Birthday Party.

It was just taking up space anyway, plus the polka dots matched her room, so... bonus.

This craft is not rocket science, and in case this is your first day visiting Our Tiny Place, let me enlighten you... I am not Martha Stewart.

I am not that Mom that spends ample amount of time on detailed crafts...

If you have hands and a brain, you can do this.

It didn't take long to do, plus I had this girl to keep me company while I worked:

In case you're wondering, yes, I just dumped all of her toys into her crib and let her go to town while I worked glued.

Since I don't have a lot of free time, it took me about fifteen minutes a day for three days... which was just long enough for my Girlfriend to play in her crib calmly, and let me do my thang.

I just measured the sides of her crib, "hemmed" the ends with fabric glue, and glued on the recycled ribbons in between the rungs.

Girlfriend tried to pull these off the first day they were up, because I had momentarily forgotten that she is a maniac, and only attached them with three ribbons.

So I went back in and attached ribbons to be tied around almost every single rung... it looks a little nutty, but it's safer, and softer on her little mouth.

Now when she eats her bed, she just gets a little lint in her belly...

The non-Martha Stewart in me is super proud.


  1. Dude - that's way more Martha Stewart than I could ever be! Way to be creative too!

    Lint definitely tastes better than wood.

  2. Adrienne chewed up her crib, too. I was super bummed about it because it's one of those convertible cribs that changes into other beds. Now they are banned or what have you. Well, it's still chewed. Just a little reminder that I birthed a termite.

  3. Aww!! I've heard of a lot of kids doing this. I like your solution!! How has it worked so far?


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