More Fails...

If I posted just one Christmas Card fail a day, everyday, until I ran out of pictures...

It would be like... AUGUST by the time I got through them all.

Not kidding... there are that many that we can't use.

Our kids are wiggle worms.

We had three cameras going at once... and Husband's job was to keep putting Girlfriend back in the picture.

It was that serious.

No matter how hard we tried, how much I sang, or danced, or jumped around... we just couldn't get a good picture of the two of them together.

So far you've seen our wrestle mania picture... our beer belly picture... our shaving cream picture... and now the wrapped box picture...

Next up.. trains!


  1. Lol.. I love this so much. I haven't even made an attempt at a Christmas picture yet because I know it'll be so much work.


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