I Christmas Craft Instead Of Folding Laundry

Because I will do anything to avoid putting away laundry, I decided to make Christmas plates with my dolls... for us and the Grandmas.

I got the idea because my Mom and my Mother in Law are always begging Lovebug for some artwork from school.

But for whatever reason, he just refuses to paint me a damn picture... and so I'm like:

"Women, get in line... I get the first picture that comes into this house."

Three months into school and I've gotten one piece of artwork... ONE... some Moms walk out with PILES of papers!!

So I thought, why not make something for the Grandmas at home, so they can back up off my Pre-School Painted Pictures.

I came up with this:

This project cost exactly $4.50 per plate, because I had the paint and paint marker on hand.

I bought plate stand for $3.50 and cheap-o (for decorative use only) plates from Wal-Mart for $1.00.

I know, big spender.

Then I had the Bugs make hand prints on the plate.

Lovebug took about 5 tries to get a normal, non-alien looking hand.

By that point I had gotten tired of wiping the plate off, and some of the finish was actually fading ( it cost a buck, you get what you pay for), so I only gave my Girlfriend 2 chances...

Which is why my Mom got a plate with one tree and one mistletoe ball, wreath, alien hand.

After the hands dried, my friends and I added garland and ornaments, before writing the words in white paint marker ( that made things go 100 times faster ).

I am in love with the cute finished product, and know it is something I will put out every year, just like I do with old Christmas Cards.

This project was so cheap and easy to do, and I know the Grandmas are thrilled that we thought of them, and gave them their own Christmas Keepsakes.

Plus... it totally got me out of folding laundry. Again.


  1. That's a cute idea. I want to do something like that with the girls, but they're 15 and 23 months and the idea of them + paint scares me.

  2. i'm a silent follower. love your blog. i just couldn't help but leave a comment because i love this idea for myself and my own lil' girl. can you tell me what materials do you use...i mean with regard to paint.i might buy one of those house paint or something which most probably will stained the poor kid's hand permanently, that's how novice in these crafty things. thanks

    1. Yay! I love when silent followers speak up! I used plain old acrylic craft paint... you can get it in the craft section of Wal-Mart for 97 cents a bottle... good luck, I'd love to know how it turns out!

    2. i just love the feel of this blog. no negativity. you find humor even in the most difficult situations. i don't keep a blog, and just stumbled upon yours awhile ago while i was researching about baby/toddler stuff uh something like that.

      thanks for the quick response :)

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