Tonight as I was folding laundry, Lovebug tapped me on the shoulder and held up one of Husband's shirts.

"Mom... can you make me a superhero?"

In case you don't speak three year old boy, that question translates to:

"Please tie this shirt around my neck like a cape."

So, I did as he asked, and he was off... racing through the house, trying to make the shirt flap behind him like a cape in the wind.

I had just turned back to the laundry when I felt a tug on my shirt, and heard the nonsense babbling of Ladybug.

I looked down and there she was... holding up one of my shirts.

"Do you want to be a superhero too?" I asked.

She was all.. "Yeh...." which is one of the only words that she actually uses at the right time, and says clearly.

She has the patience of a puppy, so within seconds she was shrieking and shaking my shirt in my face like... "Woman! Put it on me! Hurry! I am missing out!"

Before I could say... Birth Control... my dynamic duo was running and shrieking through the house... doing whatever it is that miniature superheroes do.

Just when I thought these two couldn't get any happier about their shirt / cape / life situation.... I spotted some bubble wrap in a package that had just come in the mail.

I mean honestly... for real... I know they are mine... but does it get any better than this?

If this picture doesn't remind you of your youth, and the goodness that is a brand new sheet of bubble wrap... then I am seriously questioning our friendship.


  1. That might be one of the cutest things I've ever heard.


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