Lovebug Says...

Lovebug is into giving people nicknames.

My Dad, or "Pop-Pop," to the Bugs... has recently been just... "Pop."

My Mom, "Hunny," has long since been called, "Hun," when Lovebug is in a hurry.

Lately, even his toys have gotten the special nickname treatment.

It started about two weeks ago when I picked him up from school...

From the back seat, I could have sworn I heard him say...

"I missed you so much Mum, so much."

Now... Lovebug has never called me, "Mum," before, but who am I to question what he's calling me when he is telling me how much he is missing me, right?

Turns out... I should start questioning him more often.

I was all..."Awww... I missed you so much too Bud!"

And he was like... "No Mom. Not you."

He wasn't actually saying, "I missed you so much MUM..." he was saying, "I missed you so much BUM."

As in Bumblebee, the Transformer... whom we apparently now refer to as, "Bum".

Last week he ran into the kitchen going 100 miles an hour (is there any other speed for a 3 year old boy??) and said... "Mom! I lost my Soup!"

I'm like... wtf is this kid talking about he lost his soup... I didn't give him any freaking soup.

Turns out.. "Soup's," last name is actually "Erman"... as in Superman.

Oh, of course... obviously Superman's nickname would be Soup.

Tonight's nickname took the cake when Lovebug screamed, "Mom! I found Coke behind the chair!"

That one really stopped me in my tracks.

My brain was spitting out questions too fast for me to comprehend...

I mean, seriously... wtf... we don't drink Coke, or do coke (OBVIOUSLY PEOPLE COME ON NOW)... so the fact that my son had found, "Coke," behind a chair in our house was particularly interesting slash frightening to me.

I don't care who you are, when your kid tells you they found coke in your house you should get a little nervous.

I immediately stopped what I was doing and walked slowly into the TV room, actually legitimately scared of what I was going to find... when Lovebug held up a little train and beamed with pride...

"Look Mom! It's Coke!"

And there in his hand, was Coco, from Chuggington.


Now if I could just get him to name his toys after something other than recreational drugs... that'd be great.

PS... After editing, uploading, and viewing the picture above; I have decided that Lovebug is starting to look like Kate Gosselin again...  a haircut is now on the list of things to do tomorrow.


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