Ladybug Lately

When Lovebug is at school, Ladybug is a different child.

She is still mischievous, and still walks like a drunk... but she is calmer, and quieter.

Husband and I pretty much follow her around and just watch...

We aren't used to being with her alone, it's still kind of a novelty for us... like she's a puppy or something.

She is just so busy, and growing up so fast...
We don't really realize it until Lovebug is at school for a few hours and we have her all to ourselves.

Then it's like... woah... when did you learn that?

She does this thing now... when she sees someone sitting on the floor, she'll just turn around and back that thang up until she is in your lap.

It pretty much makes us want to nom her face off.

She has a favorite toy now too.. one of those little magnetic drawing things... she'll actually sit quietly and just scratch away at that thing... for like full minutes at a time.
Only if Lovebug is at school of course, because when he is home she needs to act like a maniac... like a totally nutty, spaz child.

Hunny and Pop-Pop bought her these crazy slippers when they were stuck in Florida during Hurricane Sandy.

It wasn't until I took these pictures that I realized that her chunka munka thighs are leaning out (tear) ... and that her mullet is getting freaking serious.

We're not cutting it though... it'll grow in and fill out on the sides one day... hopefully.

Anyway, back to the slippers...

Hunny and Pop Pop also gave Lovebug an Avengers T-shirt from Florida...

Somehow Ladybug ended up wearing both gifts... which kind of made her look like ET...
To complete the crazy woman look, she decided to run straight into the baby gate, and bounce off (which I happened to catch on camera).

I can't help it... this picture makes me laugh.

She is just such a funny train wreck of a kid, always running after her brother and climbing things...

She is not shy.

She is known to hug just about anyone, and is pretty calm when people just dress her up and make her do ridiculous things...
She loves to cuddle, blow kisses, give high fives, and even knuckles, too.

Every day she understands a little more... we ask her if she is hungry, if she pooped, if she wants to take a nap, or get dressed...

She answers all of our questions with one word answers, or the shake of her head.

Other than a few words, she still babbles non-stop and makes no sense.

Not to us anyway...

But her brother... he understands everything she says...

He speaks her language.


  1. Cute cute cute- it must be nice to have some alone time with the ladybug. Aubs has a mullet too. My biggest mistake was cutting her bangs. It just extended the mullets life.

    1. Wow great tip on not cutting the bangs, I mean she doesnt have much to cut now... but inevitably I would have made that mistake someday if you hadn't said that!

  2. Colin does the SAME backup into your lap thing - it melts my heart, too. And lately, he's started backing up and sitting on the dog - hilarious :) Maybe these two due date buddies will meet someday!

    1. I hope they will! Hopefully Colin wont get mad if B man-handles him... she is a bruiser!

  3. you had to translate "Morgan-ese" to me when I starting sitting for you. (And Psi from Gangham style is from South Korea). =)


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