INKtastic Giveaway!

I am a free t-shirt lover. I have a problem.

I can distinctly remember pretty much throwing myself off the top of a pyramid in College to try to get a t-shirt being shot of out a canon.

That is not a joke.

I was all:

"Screw the concussion! I want that free size double XL t-shirt to wear to bed! I don't care what it says, it's free! Outta my way!"

Yeh... outta my way.. NO ONE... because everyone else was on the GROUND and had a head start... you know, cause I was in the air, jumping off a pyramid.

See, I told you; I have a problem.

So when I was contacted by INKtastic to try out their site and make a free personalized t-shirt... it was pretty much fresh muffins, with extra butter, in a basket, with a bow... to my face.

The hardest part was staying under budget (they gave me 25 bananas to work with), and thinking of something catchy and cute to put on a shirt for my Dollface.

I came up with this:

If you follow us on Facebook, you know I've been having a Helluva time finding long sleeved onesies for my Doll...

It seems like all onesies that are 12+ months are covered in bunnies, and squirrels, and cutesy animals that make me wanna barf...

So when INKtastic said "Go nuts,"... I instantly went for their long sleeved onesies (which come in white, grey, pink, blue and black)... three cheers for big, warm, Buddha bellies!

I ordered size 18 months, which fits true to size, and offers a little extra room for my growing girl.

(Baby legs from here)
I really like that I got to choose the font, and the heart, and the whole shebang myself...

There was one zillion options for how you could do things, they even offer stock images if you don't feel like being creative.

I have to admit... I got sucked in to changing fonts and colors, and refreshing the page so I could  preview my image 900 times... before eventually committing to something short and sweet.

I'm glad I did too... because there has never been a more appropriate shirt for my Girlfriend... who has a serious love for all things food related (she gets it from her Mama)... this shirt is her all the way.
Want to make something that is "you," all the way?

What about something for your doll?

Or your husband / wife / Mom / Dad / stuffed animal or DOG (for real)?

INKtastic is giving away a $25 gift card to one lucky Our Tiny Place reader.

I chose to work with Inktastic because it's Christmas time and they offer something for everyone (not just Moms and babes)... so fill out the form below and win some moolah to buy someone a present!!

Everyone loves free T-shirts!

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