Holiday Wish List

Here's a little bit of what I am we are hoping Santa leaves under our tree for the Dolls this year:

1. Cool and safe? Do they make adult sizes? Yes please!
2. A camera that the Bugs can touch and not break... you know it.
3. These words are my parenting philosophy. ((Save 15% by entering OTP143 at checkout))
4. These blocks remind me of my youth. Love them... love the price more.
5. Felt food! The Bugs are hoping for a kitchen set (encouraging my son to cook: you're welcome future Daughter-in-Law), and this food would be the perfect addition! ((Save 10% by entering FishFood at checkout))
6. Lovebug needs a sleeping bag. I'm not sure what for exactly, but he would love it.
7. This microphone. Because my kids need an excuse to be louder.
8. This poncho. I die. ((Save 20% on your entire cart using code sophiblu at checkout))
9. Balance bikes. I'm new to the craze, but I think I'm a fan.
10. These rain boots are different than any others I have seen... love. ((Enter GRATEFUL77 at checkout for Free Shipping))
11. Love this food sorting puzzle... I can see the Bugs fighting over this for sure.
12. Girlfriend loves to push things around the house, this shopping cart will go perfect with their new kitchen set and felt food from Santa.
13. Lovebug is dying for an excavator he can use outside... and this one is so cheap! Love!
14. Owl trend. I love you... whoo whoo.
15. Lovebug's ladybug night light has seen better days... it's time to change things up... a turtle it is.

Now if this list was made by my children it would be full of all the sugary goodness in all the land for my Girlfriend... and Spiderman, Legos, and Ninja Turtles to his face for Lovebug.

The best part about knowing Santa on a personal level, is getting a say over what kind of crap comes into our house!

Three cheers for being the one that makes the rules!

**I hunted down and begged for the above discount codes... please use them!


  1. I just found your blog and LOVE it. Hilarious. And I'm so glad to hear about your crunchy floors...had our first little babe back in February and I'm still trying to come to terms with it.


  2. I love that puzzle! I want one for our girls.

  3. My boys love blocks and we have a ton :) I love that you put together such a great list! My boys are demanding electronics this year and the oldest is only 6!

  4. I want that excavator. Coolest thing ever!


  5. Timmy spent all day yesterday putting together gufts for lovebug...i think he secretly wanted to play with them.


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