Generous Peas

So I told you how I asked Four Peas to send me my own item to review... but what I didn't tell you, is that they also sent something for Lovebug.

Talk about knowing the way to a woman's heart.

How sweet was that?

Let me just preface these pictures with a brief anecdote.

Husband's new job is to fix some super complicated machine.

Rather than trying to explain this to Lovebug, Husband told him that his job is to fix robots.

So you can just imagine how special this kid felt, when he realized he had just received his very own robot bag.

"Look Mom, a robot! I'm just yike Daddy!"

I know... just punch me in the heart why don't you?

Sometimes kids are too freaking cute.

Lovebug is still too young to have a need for a lunch box, so until next year, this insulated bag is carrying match box cars and being dragged around by this happy little hooligan.
Pretty sure he likes it.

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