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A few months ago, I saw one of my friends at the park carrying a backpack (instead of a purse, or bulky diaper bag)...

I noticed that not only were her hands free, but she was super, duper prepared.

She had snacks, wipes, hand sanitizer, even band aids.

Duh... why didn't I think of that?

Carrying a purse at the park seriously affects your slide riding mojo... plus, I was always throwing it over my shoulder while trying to chase one toddler and carry another.

I needed a backpack... stat.

But finding one that didn't scream, "I'm a Mom!" proved to be quite the challenge.

Enter Four Peas.

They actually asked me to review one of their products for the Bugs, but when I found all kinds of cool back packs, messenger bags, and duffle bags on their site, I was all... "What about me?"

Four Peas agreed to send me my anti-diaper bag and I for one, am in love.

Isn't it so freaking cute?
Plus, check out these pictures... um hello, I have two free hands instead of none.
Which means I can chase a child while catching a ball, or catch a child while chasing a ball!

Plusalso...(and more importantly), I can wipe a tiny human booty when they decide to crap in the woods at the park... because I have wipes.

On my back.

And two free hands to wipe with! Yay!

(Yes... the poop in the woods happened... on a play date... with the same people... twice. Yes, it also happened at the outlets. )

My Four Peas bag is toddler sized... which means it's big enough to hold the essentials, and not so big that I feel like I am carrying another kid on my back.

I love that its made with pvc free materials (read: safe for kids), the colors are bright, and the design is simple and clean.

I also loooove that there's not too many pockets, and zippers...

Which is great for a toddler, but also good for a Mom that doesn't want her bag to say things like:

Please, attach a pacifier and vibrating toy to me.
Please, put a bottle in me, and pray it doesn't spill everywhere.
Please, smash Puffs in the bottom of me and store dirty diapers in here too!

I was looking for the anti-diaper bag, and Four Peas delivered.

Who says toddler backpacks are just for kids??

Not I.

I say they are also for the Peter Pan Moms out there (like me).

Moms who don't want to grow up, carry an old lady bag, and start wearing turtlenecks...

Moms who need their hands free so they can PLAY at the park.

If you want to snag a backpack for yourself, or a personalized bag for your little doll (Four Peas can personalize almost all of their items!)... you're in luck!

Four Peas is giving away a $25 gift card to one lucky reader!!

With items ranging from $2.50 to $35.00, you're sure to find something you like, maybe get some Christmas shopping done? (Fo' free!)

Fill out the entry form below for your chance to win, good luck!

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**We were provided with Four Peas products, but the opinions are our own.


  1. How did I not think of carrying a backpack?!?! I hate going to the park and either being super unprepared or have to lug around my diaper bag and not have my hands free for the fun stuff. This is brilliant!

    1. SERIOUSLY! It is rev.o.lutionary! Life changing!

  2. Lets talk about how before I had Hunter.. I was like oh I need a fancy, awesome, fabulous diaper bag... fast forward nine months later.. and I was like nevermind, I need something that makes way more sense... I am sick of digging for stuff. Now I rock a sweet (sarcastic) brown diaper bag backpack.. and it's always organized! And my husband is literally so embarrassed when I wear it... he offers to wear it!!!

  3. Nice ass... I mean nice backpack!

  4. Was waiting for an ass comment! Haha shoulda known it'd be from you Sean


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