Firetrucks & Dying Batteries

Can you even imagine being three again??

And being excited about every single thing that happens. all. day. long...

I am tired just thinking about it.

We went away the other night and came home to find our Carbon Monoxide Detector going off.

If you don't have a carbon monoxide detector, you should get one... the statistics are scary, especially for children.

I actually asked for one as a shower gift when I was pregnant with Lovebug.... because I am a nut; an always prepared, safe nut.

Anyway, of course when things like the Carbon Monoxide  Detector going off happen... Husband is not around.

I heard the beeping as soon as I walked into the house.

I quickly checked to make sure it was plugged into the wall, and that we had power.

Everything was as it should be, so I dropped all our overnight shit, grabbed the kids, their coats, and headed outside.

 I wasn't sure what to do, but calling Husband and yelling at him for not being home seemed like a good place to start.

I mean... I called the Fire Department.

I called them directly instead of dialing 911 because I didn't want to look like a dumb woman who made a dramatic phone call.

Turns out... I should have just called 911 according to the fireman...

Who showed up... with a truck... and 4 other firemen... to scope out our air issues.

When this bad boy pulled up in front of our house and parked... Lovebug pretty much peeled out of his friggin' skin.

 It was three year old boy Heaven.

As the firemen jumped out... one... two...three..four...FIVE of them... I couldn't help but think...  

"Where are all my single friends right now?? Why the Hell don't they call the Fire Department?"

Lovebug wasted no time introducing us to all the guys:

He instantly pointed at me and said," Hey guys... this is my brother, "Mom".

Then when they went in the house... forgetit... that kid was foaming at the mouth with excitement.

"Are they going to play with my toys?! Are they going in my room?!"

Suddenly I was very aware that strangers were going to be trooping through our home...

I couldn't help but wonder... what the fuck does my house even look like right now?

To be fair... it's not like they were here for a cocktail party or something, but still...

I kinda felt like when your Mom tells you to always wear clean under-things just in case you get into a car accident and have to go to the Hospital?

Except with firemen and my house.

I was being ridiculous, of course (as usual)... firemen do not care about clean houses (side note: all beds were made, toys were put away... maybe they cleaned while they were in there??)...

They care about keeping people safe...

You know, cats out of trees, babies out of floors...

Fire, smoke, carbon monoxide....

None of which, thankfully, was in our home.

The fireman-boy-band gave us the all clear to head back inside after they figured out that the carbon monoxide detector had a dying battery.

Now this is where you probably want to laugh at me for calling the fire department over a dead battery... but I'll have you know:

They told me I 100% did the right thing... and that bringing the kids into the house while I found a screwdriver, opened the back of the detector, and found another battery to test... could have put them in a great deal of danger, had there really been carbon monoxide in our air.

So there.

Moral of the story?

Buy a carbon monoxide detector... 

If it goes off and you are alone with your children, don't try to figure it out... just call 911 and don't worry about looking dumb... you actually look very smart (I know, I was surprised too).

And change the batteries on it regularly.

Unless you're single.... or three.

The truck wasn't even half way down the street and Lovebug had already dug through all of his toys to find his firetruck and fireman guys... seriously, how sweet is that?

Tip: The fireman figured out that the back of our detector had a guide explaining how many beeps mean what. He reiterated that I shouldn't have wasted my time attempting to read it or even take it off the wall while being responsible for the kids.
However, if your alarm is not currently going off... it would be a good idea to unplug it, bear with the deafening noise for a minute, and check out the back for a guide to familiarize yourself with what each beep means.


  1. Oh my it must have been scary! But i my son would also have been in heaven! Last week they had a fire themed week at School so they got to try the firehose the water splashing thing (spelled?)
    Here in dk there arent many homes were Carbon monoxide is an issue since district heating and radiators with hot water are the most common way to heat the houses!

    Feel free to join my international hello kitty giveaway

  2. Replies
    1. We have to talk about how much I love you. I stalked you on Facebook... if only I could figure out how to comment as Our Tiny Place I would write, "GET IN MY FACE YOU DELICIOUS COOKIES!"... all over your wall. Just sayin'.

  3. Awww thank you! I honestly was thinking last night, I should send ladybug and lovebug a cookie... then I thought about what I would make for him.. and realized I can not yet decorate superheros and then started daydreaming about something else lol... but I should!!!!


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