Dip N' Change

Contrary to popular belief, being a Stay At Home  Mom is not all talk shows and long naps.

It actually takes a lot of brain power to figure out how to keep those little nuggets entertained without spending a ton of cash.

I mean... it is seriously a challenge, you can only go to the park / bike path / reservoir / farm... so many times, and then the kids are like: "Mom! Just let me stay the frig home!"

So, yesterday we stayed home (it was Football Sunday after all) and I racked my brain for something that Lovebug could do that might keep him busy quiet for twenty minutes.

I have no idea what made me think to grab a dip tray, and a bowl of change... but boy am glad I did.

No lie... Lovebug played with this combo for the entire afternoon, and well into the evening.

I know.

The great thing about this is that everyone has something like this... even if it's just a paper plate that you draw some lines on to make sections.

At first, I let him just go for it, and he just kinda randomly dropped shit wherever he felt like it.

Then we worked together to separate things... the quarters with the quarters, the pennies with the pennies... you get the idea.

I even added in other small objects**; buttons, guitar pics, keys... but he really liked the change the best.

I realized that he was really putting a lot of thought into what went where; fine tuning his motor skills; and focusing on what size and color things were.

So it was like school.

At home.

With a dip tray.

And... he loved it.

We were calling him, "The Banker," and asking if we had enough money to buy a new car ("You don't need a new car,") or a new house ("I don't want a new house,")... or for Mommy to buy a new pair of shoes ("You just got new shoes.")

So we learned that Lovebug is super stingy... and also that he loves playing with money that isn't his (don't we all?).

The whole day was pretty damn awesome thanks to that cheap-o dip tray that I bought for 50 cents at Wal-Mart.

Which means: You can bet your ass I'm gonna milk this for all it's worth.

So if you happen to be looking for Lovebug, you can find him sorting things into a dip bowl for the rest of the week, month, year his life.

**Lovebug was only allowed to play this game while Ladybug was safely strapped into her high chair, or sleeping... cause Lawd knows that child woulda put all that stuff straight into her face like nom, nom, nom.


  1. So creative! Good thinking, Mama :)

  2. I'm always really impressed with the ideas you come up with to keep the kids busy/entertained!

  3. I'm always really impressed with the creative ideas you come up with to keep the kids busy/entertained!

  4. Great idea! I'll definitely keep this in mind for an age where Natalie doesn't try to eat everything that's not actually edible.


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