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So you know my huge, polka dot, poncho, Halloween costume-thing??

That was supposed to be a cupcake??

I know... fail.... the least cupcake looking thing ever, right?

But let's go ahead and give me some credit for wearing a super cute cupcake hat... mmmkay?

I borrowed it from this girl:

Looks way better on her, right?

She got it as a gift from Melondipity, an awesome online baby hat boutique.

This hat is warm, super-duper-soft, and so freaking cute on my Doll.

Plus... she doesn't hate it, and will even keep in on for more than five seconds (which is more than I can say for her shoes).

It is also really durable, not flimsy at all...

I mean, hello, it stood up to the test of my big ol' noggin' wearing it on Halloween, and still looks awesome, and fits my Doll perfectly.

We have gotten one million compliments on this hat since Melondipity sent it our way last month.

My favorite part is that it's really unique and not something you'll see on every kid at the playground.

You know what else you wont see on every kid at the playground?

Um... how about this little turkey hat?

I know... isn't it all-the-adjectives-in-all-the-land?

I am in love with it...

Plus, let's be honest; we all love to dress our kids in things that are so cute that they're stupid... and so stupid that they're cute.

For your chance to win this hat for your own little turkey, enter below!

Good Luck!

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Pssst... Save 15% at Melondipity now through Monday by using discount code: melonnov12 at checkout!

Pssst (again)... Melondipity is hosting an awesome contest on their Facebook page... just upload a picture of your little ones dressed up for Halloween, and you could win some big prizes! Check it out, and good luck!


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